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Dec 3, 2007
Real Name
(Mary Beth)
About My Library
My library consists of a wide variety of books. I don't keep books I have read unless I truly love the book and just like to look at it from time to time, will read it again, or want to pass it on to someone else. Most of my books have been acquired through library sales, some through Atlantic Books,some through Barnes and Noble, and some from a local thrift shop, where I am often surprised by a good find, historical fiction or biography. I used to find the best prices at Atlantic Books( since closed, leaving us without a bookstore for 30 miles around) and of course at library sales. I often pass my books on, sometimes I want them back, sometimes I don't. I read several literary magazines, Poets and Writers, Writers Magazine,The Rambler, etc.and a new favorite is a craft magazine "Cloth,Paper,Scissors" 2016-UPDATE-I've added to my magazine subscriptions-I read a slew of Somerset publications-Somerset Memories-Somerset Life-GreenCraft-Somerset Apprentice-Where Women Create
My Library at

...I will attempt to read books from my TBR mountain.
My Library at LibraryThing

;o)75 Book Challenge 2016-
mmignano11 loves to read in 2016

This year I won't be confining myself to any particular genre. I will be climbing the lovely TBR mountain I have managed to rebuild and/or retain when I was forced to give up my treasured books. I want to read these books I have chosen as I came upon them here and there. There were reasons I had to have them at the moment I found them and I am determined to find out if they are all they seemed to be when they called to me from the shelves of thrift stores, libraries, Costco, the Hospital gift shop and all those places I find my bargain books (always with a few full price books from Barnes and Noble, I don't mind supporting authors. It's a good cause.)

;0) 75 Book Challenge 2014
Here is my link-

;0) I have joined the 75 Book Challenge again in 2013-
Here is my link-

;0} I have joined the 75 Book Challenge again in 2012- The people are so nice and Sunday at the Acre is over there and well...Here is my link to my list-

mmignano reads 75 books in 2011-

mmignano's hot 75 in 2012

Here I am listing books as I acquire them but prior to putting them in my library:

...Reading and reviewing (love it), plugging away at my new business named "Bee's Knees" (working with paper, scrap booking materials, altered art, etc to create cards, bookmarks and other small gift items) lately drawing and painting or what I call dabbling,doing housework and helping with the construction company, writing (NanoWrimo 2012)and time out for relaxation (yeah, right), I think I have enough on my plate to see me through 2012. Don't you?

Currently Reading:
The Lake House
The Lineup
The Children's Home
Listening to The Shrunken Head
Ruin Falls
Waiting to be read:The Pattern In the Carpet
The Verdict,Phenomenal

Looking forward to:
Treacherous Paradise by Henning Mankel
Girl In The Dark by Marion Pauw
A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness
The House At Riverton by Kate Morton

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About Me
I love to read more than anything. I have three daughters, who have grown up to be more wonderful people than I had ever dreamed of having the privilege to influence. LibraryThing has given me the opportunity of being among people who love to read, who cherish the feeling of a new book in their hands, the smell of the ink, the feel of the page, the adventure to come. I have a degree in literature and creative writing from Stockton College, and try to read and write as often as I can. I am a dog owner(4 females and 1 happy male)and a dog lover. We have a Bengal cat,Miles(male and brought home by my daughter when she came home again)whom we just love for his independent nature. Our calico girl,Maude My husband calls her Little, although she is not. Now, the latest, what I call addition without permission is what we think is a marmalade and the vet concurs. Her name is Baby Beats. Update- Now that she has grown up some, we begin to suspect that she may be a dwarf cat of some sort as she has stayed quite small, like a perfect petite example of a grown cat. Above is a picture of my beautiful,smart,black-and-tan dappled mini-dachshund Boston Baked Beans, more popularly known as Boston, or Boss or Bossy, which was much more indicative of her nature. She was our dominant female, at a whopping 20 lbs. We unfortunately had to have her put down only a month or so ago (now 3 years ago) as she became ill and it was so difficult to watch her suffering. She was so full of life, and so quickly brought down. I miss her greeting me every morning. I miss her keeping the rest of the pack in line. We will never forget her. Now there is our golden wire-haired dachshund Kaia and our 4 American Bulldogs, Lyla, Remy, Rae and Darla. Nylons was a Chinese-Crested that was retired by her breeder and so came to us.Sadly, we had to put her to sleep right after New Years, 2012. She had CHF and we couldn't see her suffering. She was a brave girl and lived a long and happy life. She had lovely long white and caramel locks on her head and tail that need cutting regularly. So exists my zoo, although I have decided we should call it the barnyard. 2016-UPDATE-We still have Kaia and the American Bulldogs. We have Miles the Bengal kitty living with us and the other cats are living with my daughter. we are looking for a more permanent home, trying to make the best of each day until we find a place to settle and build a more permanent life. I had to leave many of my books behind and thus my library is much diminished. My love for books and reading has not dimmed and I am building a new library and read every day, listen to audio books and read many crafting books and cookbooks cover to cover,magazines also, on many subjects, knitting, crocheting,painting,drawing,mixed-media,needle-felting, the list goes on and on. I'm most happy when I am busy reading, crafting and/or cooking/baking. I am still trying to build my inventory for my company, Bees Knees so I can have items to sell at craft fairs and flea markets this summer and fall.

My Library at LibraryThing
This is how many times my page has been visited since Jan. 17, 2009

As Winter plods along, we say goodbye to our beautiful home and return to our teeny tiny house a town over. The economy, the recession, whatever you want to call it, has taken everything we have worked for and left us with little, but I imagine we must be grateful for that little,as there are others who do not even have that.The only good news is that in staying in our own home we won't have to get rid of our dogs. I am very grateful for that but dread the future. It's a horrible way to feel at the beginning of a New Year but we will be saying goofbye to our dream home and moving back into our first home on Jan 1st or 2nd. We built our dream home, we lost our dream home, and now I'm a bit skeptical about any dreams ever coming true again.

I missed the 75 Book Challenge for 2015 but I am hoping to jump in again with the 2016 75 Book Challenge. I really miss my friends here on LT but life has had a claim on me this year. I am reading more than ever right now and also crafting a great deal. Fingers crossed this will not be the last time I am on here this year or next! ( Now I just have to remember how to do everything on here!)
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