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Dec 7, 2006
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There it is up yonder, follow the link and see what a mess my library is.

My tags are a work in progress because I'm always coming up with new tagging projects and ideas that I abandon half way. So its hard to say what I have in there.
Om mig
These superstars in the picture are my boys: On the left Cocoa Puff, who died Sept 25 2010, and on the right Blake Dylan, who is 4.

I'm thirty-two, and I live in the Domincan Republic.

I'm a part-time nerd, all consuming, headbanging audiophile, trip over my own feet dork, follow my own rules fashionista, crazed Potterhead, oblivious gamer, atheist, raging spendrift... a quasi writer, avid reader, epicurean, animal rights activist, I'm a sometimes artist, dog lover, over the moon, starry-eyed romantic, but just mostly psychotic misanthrope.... nothing brings me more joy than helping others, partying with good friends, chardonnay, girly but potent cocktails, or cloistering myself in my room for days, reading a phenomenal novel while listening to something fab from my growing vinyl collection......

Now here's the bad stuff: I got a bad case of potty mouth, and I suffer from turrets or something, because I'm always blurting things out, I'm incapable of being on time, ever, when in my excited state I laugh and talk way too loud, often I don't know which way is up, what I'm doing, where I'm going or why, I tend to be lazy, moody and self absorbed. I have a really bad temper I don't even try to control, I can't make up my mind about anything and I'm incapable of commiting to any one thing. Basically, I'm a piece of work.

True Blood news and True Blood Pictures
Bronx, New York
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