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May 4, 2006
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I have too many books. The likelihood of me ever putting all of them up is slim. I've finally updated a great number of my Classical studies books, though this is still far from complete. Most of my Shakespeare is missing (mostly because I'd have to go track them all down and figure out which editions I have!), as are many other "obvious" books (for the same reason). Slowly, slowly I shall add them . . .

Also, yes, those duplicates are really duplicates (or triplicates . . . ). And yes, sometimes they are the same exact edition. Why? Because I keep buying things I already have. oops. Some duplicates *might* be for sale, but only if they're actually the same edition.
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So my MPhil in Classics turned out to be useless (who knew? HAHAHA), so I said to myself, Self, you need a degree that will get you a job. Then maybe you can consider another useless degree, such as a PhD in Classics. So now this Classicist is studying to gain Archivist Power too. Then she can hide behind a mound of Old Stuff and sneak up on you with a double-whammy Classicist-Archivist combo.

Don't you like how I went from first person to second person to third person? Yes, yes you do.

Anyway, now that we're back in first person--my interests are pretty wide (as would be reflected if this were actually my entire library), but obviously I have an obscene number of Classics books. I don't know when they'll all be cataloged since I've moved and not all of my books have come to the new place yet. That's life.
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Biblioteker: Downtown Library (Ann Arbor District Library), Faculty of Classics Library, University of Cambridge, Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library - University of Michigan

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