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Dec 11, 2008
Real Name
John Douglas Marshall
About My Library

[updated 2023-03-27]

My interests are rather eclectic. I have been collecting museum catalogs for over 60 years, mainly about ethnographic, archaeological, folklore and Asian art themes. I have at least 12,000 such catalogs, a large number rather unique from small or obscure museums. I have also collected other catalogs - for example quite a few dealing with "modern art" topics as presented in developing and newly emerging countries where links with their traditional cultures are fascinating. Also, catalogs dealing with fine arts - painting, sculpture, pottery... - especially those of German and Austrian artists. I have the largest number of books on Albrecht Dürer (over 100) and Oskar Kokoschka (50) in LT. Another area is European history with an emphasis on Central Europe, Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Hapsburg dynasty. A third interest is photography, with both artistic and technical books. A very special collection is that of the St. Stephen's Cathedral which now numbers 75 publications!

There are circa 30,000 books in my library, stored at two locations, the main one being John's Library located in the 23 District of Vienna. I have now cataloged some 17,000 and am therefore 57% finished. I also have several thousand periodicals of which only a few have been registered in LT. For the museum catalogs I am trying to record useful information not usually found in bibliographic entries. If at all possible I give both all the museums where an exhibition has been shown as well as the principal collections involved in the showing. I always add the pagination, illustration, map, bibliography, index, concordance, glossary and note information after the publication data in parenthesis. I too want to know if the catalog is 17 pages or 3 volumes with 1500 pages. For the museum entries I show the museum as it is on the publication under comments. In the TAGS I give the current name of the museum plus see references (the first time) from earlier names. This is certainly not usual library practice, but allows users to see all publications under one museum heading. I also give details on changes of names, etc. in the comments as well, some of these gathered from Websites, some from personal visits. This rather fastidious recording lets me do about 3-7 books a day, and I have a number of books with some information, such as exact exhibition dates, missing. This is definitely a work in progress! Also, to separate the TAGS on subjects from institutions, I put the subject ones in slashes; they appear before the corporate bodies in the TAGS listing. For the last twelve years, using a superb OCR program, I am including where it is appropriate the table of contents. I am now also recording in "First Words" the opening sentence or two which often gives useful informaton on the publication's intent or better yet the information from the back cover or the jacket flaps. For TAGS I also start with the number sign # to give the shelf row and shelf in the library [which includes compact shelving] where the book is located.

One of my favorite options in LT, which almost all library systems lack, is that we can catalog the book in the language in which it was published. The transliteration schemes are for librarians but not for people (Thais read Thai, Japanese read Japanese, Tibetans read Tibetan). ប៊ីតាន នៅក្នុងវប្បធម៌ខ្មែរ = Pidan (Bitān) in Khmer culture = ピダン・プレア その信仰と慣習 is a book in Khmer, English and Japanese. ARTEFACTS AS LINKS = ЭД ӨЛГИЙН БАРИЛДЛАГА. THE HANS LEDER COLLECTIONS = ХААНС ЛЭДЭРИЙН ЦУГЛУУЛГА [Publication by the Weltmuseum Wien Friends] is in Mongolian and English].

Another facility in LT is the option of adding series, allowing one to see the relevant publications in one's own library and those recorded by others. For example Contributions to Circumpolar Studies (Lit Verlag) or Veröffentlichungen des Museums für Völkerkunde, Berlin; Abteilung Südsee.

I love museums and galleries and books and can combine these through my library collections. I am grateful to LibraryThing for letting me share this with so many people and institutions. The principal collection will be given to the Weltmuseum Wien one day. I am grateful to all the museums, galleries, colleagues, friends and artists that have donated books for this endeavor!

Last but not least I would like to invite any interested LT members to visit me here in Vienna at the Weltmuseum Wien. Plese contact in advance at Hurry, I am over 80 and who knows how long I will last!

About Me

[updated 2023-03-19]

I grew up in Sacramento, California and studied at UC Berkeley (mathematics and astrophysics), Free University of Berlin (political science and German) and at the University of Vienna (ethnology and botany). My first real work was at the Intrernational Atomic Energy Agency - first in the library as an organizer for computerization and then in the Internartional Nuclear Information System for OCR and bibliographic work. For a couple of years I was editor of the INIS Newsletter. In 2001 I retired, after many years, as a serior financial officer dealing with with development program activities.

After retirement, twenty-one years ago, I became an officer in the Executive Committee of the "Verein Freunde der Völkerkunde" (Friends of Ethnology Society) with the position of "Schatzmeister" (treasurer), Our Museum oficially changed its name as of April 1, 2013 from Museum für Völkerkunde to Weltmuseum Wien and in the meantime I am Vice President of the Weltmuseum Wien Friends. I am an avid photographer and have had two photo exhibitions in the Museum: "Faces of Nagaland" in 2012 and "Java Dances" in 2013. I have, through the Friends, a small office on the top floor in the Hofburg (Winter Palace) in the heart of Vienna. I am a roving ambassador for the Museum and have visited many regions and countries since I retired, such as Micronesia, Melanesia, New Guinea, Japan, Australia, Ladakh, Java, China, Thailand, Vietnam, USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands, and Korea. I have also participated in field trips and my photographs have been published in Museum für Völkerkunde publications: ( and (

I have sponsored many purchases for the museum and had the pleasure of accompanying the President of Austria, Alexander van der Bellen, on his visit to the museum. Currently, I am helping to finance a project of cataloging all the periodicals of the Weltmuseum Wien Library.

Vienna, Austria
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