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England (1), so lovely series of stories of young boy learning to be a man on his dad's California ranch (1), definitely a Jenny book (1), impressive research went into this but I'm sorry just not the ripping medieval kind of fiction (like Ken Follett or Bernard Cornwell) that I love (1), made it halfway- hild still a young girl- no action- words and names a confusing mess (1), story of St. Hilda who lead the Christian conversion throughout England (1), to me this book is perfect - not a wasted word (1), still love this book as I have loved few others (1), brothers who grew up close take different paths (1), jco kept me interested as she always does (1), Afghanistan War veteran so tragically portrayed (1), mystery of missing woman takes its time exploring characters (1), Don't love it all but the powerful scenes and the perfect perfect poetic writing moved me tremendously (1), lovely descriptions and what could be better than rugged Iceland (1), had heard such raves but I found it rather dull (1), okay but I had no emotional connection (1), but Margaret i still love you so (1), just good enough but for me didn't come close to the thrill of Oryx and Crake (1), but story found its heart at the end (1), quite interesting with only a few dull patches (1), rich rich language (1), good novel of convicted murderess who lives with remote farm family to await her execution (1), plot was a bit thin and husband horrible in every way but still plenty of suspense and good enough to keep me engaged (1), fabulous debut novel (1), stong stuff (1), first half didn't gel for me (1), Rome (1), 30 years ago loved it (1), 5 year old Jack narrates (1), gorgeous movie version-'Away From Her' (1), sense of place astounds (1), resonates even today (1), a favorite (1), really fun read of brothers who are the guns-for-hire for local boss (1), my #3 favorite book (1), smart and touching (1), favorite cover of the year (1), great book for when you want light yet impactful (1), surprisingly easy to read (except for the names!) 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(1), excellent novel with 3 alternating narratives of a great cattle/oil family (1), adored this romantic magical story of a pioneer couple's longing for a child (1), charming little novel (1), had me a very good cry with this one (1), difficult but oh so rewarding (1), not as grand as war and peace but intimate in its portrayal of family life (1), Levin still my favorite (1), terrible to become reacquainted with Anna's demise (1), short film tribute chapter was amazing (1), author is on the road to making my favorites list (1), African American leaves college in the South and finds his voice in NYC (1), found the story uneven but when it was good it was very good (1), dramatically read by Joe Morton (1), just so well written (1), lovely in parts but too slow (1), really grew on me in 2nd half (1), strong but uneven novel of dysfunctional British family whose lives are changed by a total stranger who comes to stay with them (1), women's prize for fiction (1), jarring and strangely absurd at times but important pov (1), a good man finds his way following tragic events committed by his brother (1), do not recommend the author's audio narration (1)
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My ratings are meant as reminders for myself of how I "took" to the books and in no way do I wish to slander the writing of an author. We like what we like...
1 star -- godawful
1 1/2 stars -- waste of time
2 stars -- disappointing
2 1/2 stars -- meh
3 stars -- pretty good
3 1/2 stars -- engaging
4 stars -- loved it
4 1/2 stars -- wow
5 stars -- a perfect "Jenny" book!

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I'm a 58 year old retired elementary school math specials teacher. I have always been an avid reader. I don't buy many books--I use my online search to hold books at my local library and every 2-3 weeks I go and restock! I read mostly literary fiction, contemporary fiction, historical fiction, dystopia, and the classics.

I've read every book cataloged here and since I can't keep them, I save favorite quotes and sometimes videos as a remembrance of the great impact these books have had upon my life. (Since switching to a Kindle for book entries in 2013 I've had to cut way back on reviews and quotes and comments.)

* new 2021 edit -- surprisingly, since retiring, I've lost most of my reading mojo. Now it seems I love the Idea of reading, the Idea of great literature, more than the actual reading of it. I still read some -- now, for instance I've got the new Franzen going(!!), but most things I read I'm like meh.. Could be the anxiety and restlessness I've been feeling. Do hope it's a phase because I hate the thought of all the tremendous reads that are getting away from me. 😒 😊

** new 2023 edit -- still not reading ... collecting my favorites, however, to have near me

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