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Arthur Schnitzler, Viennese playwright, novelist, short story writer, and physician, was a sophisticated writer much in vogue in his time. He chose themes of an erotic, romantic, or social nature, expressed with clarity, irony, and subtle wit. Reigen, a series of ten dialogues linking people of vis mere various social classes through their physical desire for one another, has been filmed many times as La Ronde. As a Jew, Schnitzler was sensitive to the problems of anti-Semitism, which he explored in the play Professor Bernhardi (1913), seen in New York in a performance by the Vienna Burgtheater in 1968. Henry Hatfield calls Schnitzler "second only to Hofmannsthal among the Austrian writers of his generation and one of the most underrated of German authors... . He combined the naturalist's devotion to fact with the impressionist's interest in nuance; in other words, he told the truth" (Modern German Literature). In his most famous story, Lieutenant Gustl (1901), Schnitzler employs the stream-of-consciousness technique in an exposition of the follies and gradual disintegration of society in fin de siecle Vienna. Schnitzler has also been linked with Freud (see Vols. 3 and 5) and is credited with consciously introducing elements of modern psychology into his works. (Bowker Author Biography) vis mindre
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Satte nøgleord på

Almen Viden

Andre navne
Ŝniclo, Arturo
Zentralfriedhof, Wien, Österreich
Wenen, Oostenrijk
Wenen, Oostenrijk
brain hemorrhage
Vienna, Austria
University of Vienna (MD|1885)
short story writer
von Hofmannsthal, Hugo (friend)
Beer-Hofmann, Richard (friend)
Schnitzler, Michael (grandson)
Auernheimer, Raoul (friend, correspondent)
Zweig, Stefan (friend, correspondent)
Mann, Thomas (friend, correspondent) (vis alle 9)
Schnitzler, Heinrich (son)
Feldmann, Else (correspondent)
Zuckerkandl, Bertha (friend)
Young Vienna
Priser og hædersbevisninger
Bauernfeld-Preis (1899)
Kort biografi
Arthur Schnitzler was born to a Jewish family in Vienna, Austria. His parents were Luise (Markbreiter) and Johann Schnitzler, an internationally renowned physician. He had a brother, Julius and a sister, Gisela. He studied medicine at the University of Vienna from 1879 and received his medical degree in 1885. He practiced medicine for many years, especially psychiatry, but he considered writing his primary career. He first won literary recognition in 1891 with a series of one-act plays. His work Reigen (Round Dance, 1897), a cycle of 10 dramatic dialogues, inspired numerous stage and screen adaptations, including The Merry-Go-Round (Der Reigen, 1920); Circle of Love (1964); and the famous La Ronde (1950). Although successful, Reigen was highly controversial for its frank depiction of sexuality, and was banned in several cities. As a member of the avant-garde group Young Vienna (Jung-Wien), Schnitzler experimented with format as well as social conventions. His satirical 1901 novella Leutnant Gustl (English translation: None but the Brave), was the first European masterpiece written as a stream-of-consciousness interior monologue. It also incurred much anti-Semitic comment, and Schnitzler was dismissed from the regiment where he had done military medical service. His prolific list of other works included more plays, novels, and collections of short stories. In 1903, he married Olga Gussmann, alias Dina Marius, an aspiring actress and singer 20 years his junior with whom he had two children; the couple divorced in 1921. Schnitzler kept a diary from the age of 17 until two days before his death. It was published posthumously, along with collections of his letters and his autobiography, Jugend in Wien (My Youth in Vienna, 1968). Schnitzler's works were banned by the Nazis in Austria and Germany and burned along with those of other Jews, including Einstein, Marx, Kafka, and Freud. The majority of his papers, which included unpublished texts, was saved from the Nazis in 1938 by Eric A. Blackall, a British citizen living in Vienna at the time. They were later donated to the Cambridge University Library. Schnitzler's son Heinrich, a theater director, tried to get the documents back but did not succeed.



È curioso ritrovare un autore letto e amato tanto tempo fa. Strade che si separano che a un certo punto, inaspettatamente, si riuniscono. E ritrovi il modo di guardare, di osservare le cose, l’ironia e la serietà; ritrovi la follia di alcuni racconti e lo sguardo attento al travaglio interiore. E adesso? Ti cercherò nelle parole di qualcun altro, e sarà un piacere ritrovarti. A presto Arturo.
claudio.marchisio | Feb 2, 2024 |
Belga Esperantisto 1912, nr 42, p. 154

Tiu ci miniatura drarno sur la historia fono de la granda revolucio en Francujo, verkita de bone konata Austruja dramverkisto Arturo Schnitzler, estas tre impresiga. Ne nur sur scenejo — gi troviĝas en la repertuaro de la plej grava privata teatro «Deutsches Volkstheater en Wien kaj de aliaj teatroj — ankau en la formo de libro ; ĝi estas verc Ieginda. La originaleco de ĝia enhavo estas esprimebla per Ia vortoj de unu el la agantaj personoj : "Efektivo alternas kun ludo - ludo kun efektivo".

La iertan tradukon liveris Joh. Schröder, La libro, estas bone presita kaj la la kovrilon omamas arta desegnajo de A. Kress. Gi vere meriïas esti aêetata de ĉiu Esperantist kiu satas bonan, interesan literaturojon. Rimarkinda ankau, ke la libro havas la Mondformaton.
… (mere)
Erfgoedbib | Jan 19, 2024 |
Read this in French since I'm still reading exclusively in the language until further notice but still wanted to take this on - Traumnovelle is probably best known today as the source for the Stanley Kubrick film Eyes Wide Shut and for much of the early sections of the book I found that the film drew quite closely from it outside of changed setting/period, but as it goes along the two diverge in some important ways which made this interesting in its own right. A beautifully written evocation of dreams, fidelity, desires, cities at night, and the seamy underbelly of urban life, wrapped with enough symbolism and mystery to make it worth coming back to again and again.… (mere)
franderochefort | 26 andre anmeldelser | Aug 9, 2023 |
This book examines the inner world of a man who has lived his life, who has made compromises and is reconciled to them. He is fleetingly encouraged to think that his moment may not yet have passed when younger poets "discover" his early work, work written before he blended into mainstream humdrum struggle of simply living. We see you hopes for acknowledgement and his chagrin when he realizes that this spotlight , too, will be fleeting. Good character study, some interesting meditations on age. Short, easy read.… (mere)
brianstagner | 7 andre anmeldelser | May 28, 2023 |



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