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Leo W. Schwarz (1906–1967)

Forfatter af Great ages and ideas of the Jewish people

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Schwarz, Leo W.
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Schwarz, Leo Walder



This is the chronology the author uses, grouping the "cultural" ages reflecting the adaptive growth of Judaism.
I. Biblical Age (2500-300 BCE)
a. Priestly
b. Prophetic
c. Hebrew Bible
II. Hellenistic Age (300 BCE – 300 CE)
a. Diaspora
b. Literature
c. Philo
d. Sadducees, Essenes, Pharisees
e. Written and Oral
f. Hillel
III. Talmudic (Rabbinic) Age (330 BCE to 500 CE)
a. Babylonian Talmud
b. Palestinian Talmud
c. Midrash / Mishna
IV. Judeo-Islamic (7th Century to 13th Century)
a. Rabbinic – normative, philos, mystic (Kabbala)
b. Arab and Hebrew responsa
c. Saadia, Maimonides
V. European Age (10th – 18th Century)
a. Talmud and Shulhan Arukh
b. Normative
c. Haskalah
d. Hasidism (Kabbala)
e. Gaon, Mendelssohn, Israel Baalshem Tob
VI. Modern Age (19th – 20th Century)
a. Traditional and Rabbinic Judaism
b. Liberal – Reform, Conservative, Orthodox
c. America, Israel, Diaspora (all major languages)
… (mere)
keylawk | 2 andre anmeldelser | Nov 3, 2019 |
NO OF PAGES: 516 SUB CAT I: History SUB CAT II: Hebraic Thought SUB CAT III: DESCRIPTION: Here, for the first time, a group of eminent historians of three continents have collaborated to present in one volume for the general reader the almost four-thousand-year heritage of the Jewish people. The book is more than a chronological narrative of events, epochs, and personalities. It discusses the major ideas and values that have illuminated the past and have profound meaning for the present. It is a human, dramatic story that uniquely combines an inventory of the past with an assessment of the present. . . .NOTES: Donated by Raina. SUBTITLE:… (mere)
BeitHallel | 2 andre anmeldelser | Feb 18, 2011 |
Story of displaced Jews in Germany and the search for new home and life
Folkshul | Jan 15, 2011 |
An Anthology of Jewish tales and short stories
Folkshul | Jan 15, 2011 |

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