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jessica chavez
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Ive read a lot of books this past 2 years when i really got interested in literature. Ive read over 300 classics. Ive read over 150 other kinds of books in the past 2 years also. I have a brand new self made book list im really proud of and cant wait to read.
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i am a huge reader. I read to discover the psychology of different groups. Ive read too many books to catalog yet i have a brand new booklist so i look forward to doing a lot of reading. I live in the worst state on earth wisconsin ,yet the book supply is pretty good.I am also an art buff. A big fan of impressionism. I am a proud istock model.You can check out my pics at my facebook page. My favorite author is The master Emile zola. No one is more amazing as a writer than he. Plain indescribable perfection.


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