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Omfatter også følgende navne: Toni Buzzeo, Tony Buzzeo, Tonie Buzzeo, Toni Buzzeo, author.

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One Cool Friend (2012) 1,216 eksemplarer
Little Loon and Papa (2004) 647 eksemplarer
No T. Rex in the Library (2010) 314 eksemplarer
Dawdle Duckling (2003) 284 eksemplarer
The Sea Chest (2002) 171 eksemplarer
Adventure Annie Goes to Kindergarten (2010) 133 eksemplarer
Our Librarian Won't Tell Us Anything (2006) 125 eksemplarer
Stay Close to Mama (1800) 101 eksemplarer
The Library Doors (2008) 63 eksemplarer
Lighthouse Christmas (2011) 62 eksemplarer
Whose Tools? (1711) 57 eksemplarer
Just Like My Papa (2013) 43 eksemplarer
Ready or Not, Dawdle Duckling (2005) 43 eksemplarer
R Is for Research [With Booklet] (2008) 41 eksemplarer
Whose Truck? (Whose Tools?) (2015) 39 eksemplarer
Penelope Popper, Book Doctor (2011) 32 eksemplarer
Adventure Annie Goes to Work (2009) 26 eksemplarer
Whose Boat? (2018) 20 eksemplarer
Light Comes to Shadow Mountain (2023) 16 eksemplarer
My Bibi Always Remembers (2014) 13 eksemplarer
Pa, Me, and Our Sidewalk Pantry (2023) 11 eksemplarer
The Collaboration Handbook (2008) 10 eksemplarer
Caution! Road Signs Ahead (2021) 10 eksemplarer
Raising Readers: 5 Stories From Maine (2007) — Bidragyder — 6 eksemplarer
Toni Buzzeo and you (2005) 2 eksemplarer

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BooksInMirror | 3 andre anmeldelser | Feb 19, 2024 |
Awesome illustrations; kind of a weird story. A tuxedo-clad boy visits the aquarium with his dad and comes home with a real live penguin. (His dad seems to think he acquired a stuffed penguin.) The boy and the penguin get into mischief, and are finally caught by the dad. But don't expect the ending you're expecting. The ending surprised me so much I read the book again from the beginning. I'm afraid this will go right over the heads of my four-year-old story time audience, but it might be worth a try.… (mere)
LibrarianDest | 86 andre anmeldelser | Jan 3, 2024 |
EducatingParents.org rating: Approved
MamaBearLendingDen | 86 andre anmeldelser | Dec 2, 2023 |
The story of the discovery of the most complete T. Rex fossil to date and the shy autodidact after whom it is named.

Readers will definitely come away knowing at least two things about Sue Hendrickson (or three, counting the long blonde mane that makes her instantly locatable in Sudyka’s outdoorsy scenes): first, that as a child she was shy—Buzzeo uses the word seven times in her short narrative—and second, that she was born to, as the author repeatedly puts it, “find things.” As tantalizing references in both the main account and the afterword note, that curiosity has turned up a number of lost and hidden treasures, from amber to shipwrecks, but it is for Sue that she is best known. That discovery begins with four summers spent “digging for duckbills” in South Dakota, climaxed by the dramatic moment she spots “three enormous backbones” protruding from a cliff. The narrative continues through the painstaking process of removing the fossils bone by bone, then seeing the dinosaur at last reconstructed (after a long brangle over ownership) at Chicago’s Field Museum. The prehistoric Sue poses regally at the close in both a painted portrait and a tailpiece photograph; though often seen alone, in group scenes, the white, human one works with a racially diverse set of colleagues.

Tendentious role modeling commingled with an exciting tale of dino discovery. (source lists) (Informational picture book. 6-8)

-Kirkus Review
… (mere)
CDJLibrary | 2 andre anmeldelser | Jan 23, 2023 |



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