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Eclectic mix - whatever takes my fancy at the time but have only recently come to the conclusion that life is far too short to complete a book that I am really not enjoying. Would, like every other LTer I'm sure, love a real library, with real library accoutrements - soft specific lighting, crackling log fire (can't be doing with the leather chair though, would have to be an M & S love seat), would like to do the dog bit too but have two old(ish) cats who wouldn't appreciate it, also must have a ladder, a spiral staircase and a gallery (don't want much do I!)
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Complete rewrite needed as accidentally deleted everything! Ho Hum! Have been reading forever - it is my sanctuary. Read everything from the back of the Cornflakes box to Dostoyevsky. Love LT but do not get as much time as I would like to browse it's endlessly fascinating contents. I also have a passion for bookbinding, cooking, theoretical gardening (no time for the practical unfortunately) and football (that's the soccer type to those west of our timeline) I'm a Millwall season ticket holder - have been since I was 13 and, for those of you who know about these things, we're not all mad, bad and dangerous to know!
I have a wonderful and thoroughly understanding partner (who doesn't mind the continual additions to the library), two wonderful children and soon to have a first grandchild.
In my spare time I also do 40+ hours a week as a Senior Underwriter.
If you were wondering about the Doris Day sign in, my Mum looks like DD and used to sing Que Sera to me when I was little - so very fond memories.
Fleet, Hampshire, UK
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Boghandlere: Fleet Bargain Bookstore, Foyles (old Charing Cross branch), Hatchards, Murder One, Persephone Books

Biblioteker: Fleet Library, The London Library, Trinity College Library Dublin

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