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Juliet Marillier (born July 27, 1948) is a New Zealand born writer of fantasy, especially historical fantasy. She currently lives in Western Australia. While Marillier writes mostly for adults, her recent books have included Cybele's Secret, a sequel to her novel for young adults Wildwood Dancing. vis mere Cybele's Secret won a 2008 Sir Julius Vogel Award for Best Novel - Young Adult. Her latest release is Heir to Sevenwaters, a stand-alone novel related to the Sevenwaters Trilogy. She won the Aurealis Award in 2014 for Fantasy Novel with her title Dreamer's Pool. (Bowker Author Biography) vis mindre
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Værker af Juliet Marillier

Daughter of the Forest (1999) 4,324 eksemplarer
Son of the Shadows (2000) 2,465 eksemplarer
Child of the Prophecy (2001) 2,135 eksemplarer
Wildwood Dancing (2006) 1,917 eksemplarer
The Dark Mirror (2004) 1,157 eksemplarer
Wolfskin (2002) 1,033 eksemplarer
Heir to Sevenwaters (2008) 977 eksemplarer
Heart's Blood (2009) 971 eksemplarer
Cybele's Secret (2008) 766 eksemplarer
Dreamer's Pool (2014) 716 eksemplarer
Blade of Fortriu (2006) 711 eksemplarer
Foxmask (2003) 707 eksemplarer
Seer of Sevenwaters (2010) 648 eksemplarer
Shadowfell (2012) 641 eksemplarer
The Well of Shades (2006) 605 eksemplarer
Flame of Sevenwaters (2012) 429 eksemplarer
Tower of Thorns (2015) 354 eksemplarer
Raven Flight (2013) 287 eksemplarer
Den of Wolves (2016) 268 eksemplarer
The Harp of Kings (2019) 240 eksemplarer
The Caller (2014) 210 eksemplarer
'Twixt Firelight and Water (2011) 110 eksemplarer
A Dance with Fate (2020) 107 eksemplarer
A Song of Flight (2021) 71 eksemplarer
Prickle Moon (2013) 68 eksemplarer
Beautiful (2019) 20 eksemplarer
2006 5 eksemplarer
Son of the Shadows, part 2 of 2 (2010) 5 eksemplarer
Son of the Shadows, part 1 of 2 (2010) 5 eksemplarer
Otherling 3 eksemplarer
Let Down Your Hair 2 eksemplarer
Once Upon An Enchanted Forest (2019) — Bidragyder — 2 eksemplarer
Tough Love 3001 2 eksemplarer
Black-Winged Angels 1 eksemplar

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Elemental (2006) — Bidragyder — 175 eksemplarer
Wonderland (2019) — Bidragyder — 84 eksemplarer
Cranky Ladies of History (2015) — Bidragyder — 84 eksemplarer
Legends of Australian Fantasy (2010) — Bidragyder — 63 eksemplarer
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A Foreign Country: New Zealand Speculative Fiction (2010) — Bidragyder — 8 eksemplarer
Relics, Wrecks and Ruins (2021) — Bidragyder — 7 eksemplarer
Gramarye 10 (2016) — Bidragyder — 2 eksemplarer

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Grim accepts a building job an hours ride from Blackthorn and Grim's cottage, It is conditional on keeping secrets and following the directions of a seeming madman who is despised. Meanwhile the daughter of the house, Cara is sent to the prince's household at Winterfalls for an unspecified length of time. Of course things are fishy. Only it gets worse, Blackthorn's nemesis attacks the prince's father-in-law, and strange warrior intercept her apprentice in the nearby woods.
quondame | 18 andre anmeldelser | Mar 29, 2024 |
Wat een geweldig eerste deel van deze nieuwe serie door Juliet Marillier. Ik heb er echt van genoten. Het heeft alles wat een fantasy boek moet hebben. Magie, faeries en een queeste om op te lossen. Liobhan, Brocc en Dau zijn moedige jonge mensen die deze queeste ondernemen. Zij moeten in het kader van hun opleiding als strijder een gestolen harp terugbrengen voor dat op de dag van de Zomerwende de zon ondergaat. Deze harp wordt gebruikt om de nieuwe koning van het volk van Breifne uit te roepen volgens de oude tradities van dat volk toen ze zich nog bewust waren van de aanwezigheid van het volk van de faeries. Spannend en heel erg goed gedaan.… (mere)
connie53 | 13 andre anmeldelser | Mar 29, 2024 |
3.75 stars

This is book 2 in a trilogy. It’s been a very long time since I read book 1, but it’s not really necessary to have read it, as it’s the next generation that is followed in this book vs the 1st. I remembered nothing from the first book, and I don’t think it mattered.

Liadan and Niahm (pronounced Nee-av – have to say I was happy to have the glossary and pronunciation guide at the beginning of the book!) are sisters. When Niahm falls in love with a druid and disgraces herself by giving herself to him (all in secret), her family hurriedly marries her off to the older man they want to make an alliance with. Liadan accompanies Niahm part-way to her new home, but is kidnapped on her way back. She is a great healer and has been asked to help some “outlaws” heal one of theirs. While there, Liadan becomes friends (and more with one) with them, and hates to leave, but needs to go home to her dying mother.

It took a bit at the start for me to get into this. I’m not always “into” fantasy (Liadan also has a “sight” of a kind), and difficult to pronounce words (thank you, glossary!) also make things harder. But once Liadan was kidnapped, the story really picked up for me. There were a few times I kind of lost interest, but there were many happenings that made the book “enjoyable” for me. I’ve never been a fan of a “story within a story”, and this one does contain a bunch of those (oral storytelling is popular in Liadan’s family). On rereading the review of the first book, I wasn’t sure if I would continue the series (obviously I did), and I do plan to continue on from here. It looks like it was originally meant to be a trilogy, but has expanded beyond that.
… (mere)
LibraryCin | 60 andre anmeldelser | Mar 9, 2024 |
3.5 stars

It has been years since I read the first in this series, Daughter of the Forest, so it was nice to return to world of Sevenwaters however by about 60% I was a bit bored and skimmed the rest. I want to finish this series, or at least the first three books - I will be back!
s_carr | 60 andre anmeldelser | Feb 25, 2024 |



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