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Anne Bishop is a fantasy writer, born in 1955. Her most noted work is the Black Jewels series. She won the Crawford Award in 2000 for the first three Black Jewels books, sometimes called the Black Jewels trilogy: Daughter of the Blood, Heir to the Shadows, and Queen of the Darkness. She started her vis mere writing career by publishing short stories. She went on to create several series. The Tir Alainn Trilogy and her third series The Landscapes of Ephemera. She is working on her next series The Others which contains the first three books, Written in Red, Murder of Crows, and Vision in Silver. In 2015, Vision in Silver made The New York Times Best Seller List. (Bowker Author Biography) vis mindre
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Værker af Anne Bishop

Daughter of the Blood (1998) 3,296 eksemplarer
Heir to the Shadows (1999) 2,439 eksemplarer
Queen of the Darkness (2000) 2,365 eksemplarer
Dreams Made Flesh (2005) 2,111 eksemplarer
The Invisible Ring (2000) 1,929 eksemplarer
Written in Red (2013) 1,784 eksemplarer
Sebastian (2006) 1,519 eksemplarer
The Black Jewels Trilogy (2003) 1,515 eksemplarer
The Pillars of the World (2001) 1,365 eksemplarer
Tangled Webs (2008) 1,277 eksemplarer
The House of Gaian (Tir Alainn Trilogy) (1997) 1,123 eksemplarer
Belladonna (2007) 1,121 eksemplarer
Shadows and Light (2002) 1,110 eksemplarer
Murder of Crows (2014) 1,105 eksemplarer
The Shadow Queen (2009) 1,072 eksemplarer
Vision in Silver (2015) 948 eksemplarer
Shalador's Lady (2010) 886 eksemplarer
Marked in Flesh (2016) 774 eksemplarer
Twilight's Dawn (2011) 726 eksemplarer
Etched in Bone (2017) 683 eksemplarer
Lake Silence (2018) 562 eksemplarer
Wild Country (2019) 378 eksemplarer
Bridge of Dreams (2012) 346 eksemplarer
Crowbones (2022) 242 eksemplarer
The Queen’s Bargain (2020) 226 eksemplarer
The Queen's Weapons (2021) 155 eksemplarer
The Voice (2012) 103 eksemplarer
The Queen's Price (2023) 62 eksemplarer
Stranded (2012) 45 eksemplarer
Tir Alainn Trilogy (2006) 5 eksemplarer
Marcado na Pele (2017) 3 eksemplarer
O Acordo da Rainha (2021) 2 eksemplarer
Ghost and mirror 2 eksemplarer
Meg Corbyn, T5 : Cartes ivoire (2018) 1 eksemplar
Luz e Sombras 1 eksemplar

Associated Works

Ruby Slippers, Golden Tears (1995) — Bidragyder — 943 eksemplarer
Silver Birch, Blood Moon (1999) — Bidragyder — 625 eksemplarer
Black Swan, White Raven (1997) — Bidragyder — 584 eksemplarer
Powers of Detection: Stories of Mystery and Fantasy (2004) — Bidragyder — 523 eksemplarer
Heroic Hearts (2022) — Bidragyder — 187 eksemplarer
Horrors! 365 Scary Stories (Anthology) (1998) — Bidragyder — 124 eksemplarer
Treachery and Treason (2000) — Bidragyder — 77 eksemplarer
Imaginary Friends (2008) — Bidragyder — 54 eksemplarer
Orbiter (2002) — Bidragyder — 9 eksemplarer

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Juridisk navn
Bishop, Anne
New York, New York, USA
fantasy writer
Jennifer Jackson



Although I loved the Black Jewels books, I was quite surprised that I liked this series beginning as much as I did. Also, the audiobook was well done
jazzbird61 | 141 andre anmeldelser | Feb 29, 2024 |
Once things actually started happening, the story got really good. I found the romance at the end a bit forced, but we're dealing with two very awkward folks so I'll give them a pass.

I thought the book was a bit overpriced, so I went with audio-book, but I'll pick up the Kindle version after a price drop.
jazzbird61 | 84 andre anmeldelser | Feb 29, 2024 |
While I'm enjoying the series, Ms. Bishop really needs to kick the progress of the story down the road a bit more than she did with this one. Not much happened in this one. Not that it felt like half a book like some do, it was an entire book that didn't tell me anything. At the end, I had the feeling that I could have skipped the whole thing and not missed out.

I will wait for reviews instead of pre-ordering the next one.
jazzbird61 | 43 andre anmeldelser | Feb 29, 2024 |
jazzbird61 | 50 andre anmeldelser | Feb 29, 2024 |



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