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Chris Hill is ILT Development Leader at City of Bath College and National e-learning Support Network Co-ordinator for the south-west.

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The Psychology of Money: Timeless Lessons on Wealth, Greed, and Happiness (2020) — Fortæller, nogle udgaver1,124 eksemplarer
Cemetery Dance Issue 62 (2009) — Illustrator — 9 eksemplarer
Cemetery Dance Issue 58 (2008) — Illustrator — 7 eksemplarer
Cemetery Dance Issue 59 (2008) — Illustrator — 5 eksemplarer
Cemetery Dance Issue 55 (2006) — Illustrator — 4 eksemplarer
Cemetery Dance Issue 64 (2010) — Illustrator — 4 eksemplarer
Ruin Me [2017 Film] (2017) — Actor — 2 eksemplarer

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To start off with, I cannot remember a book starring a squirrel solely or squirrels as the main character in so long. It's a breath of fresh air much needed among the normal books.

Lucky is a far more interesting book once you get past the first ten pages which can be a bit daunting. It's not near as well paced in the first chapter, a measly ten pages which feels like a loosely gripped manner of setting the stage for the rest of the book, but the characters in chapter one are not the characters for the rest of the book. As soon as chapter two starts everything is jump-started to a new depth and the characters don't feel as stiff or stilted. They are alive, full of personality and charm.

I saw many comparisons to Warriors for this book, and I gotta say Lucky beats Warriors in the first book and maybe more. There's no incest or weird underaged scenarios here, no real kidnap of young to make into soldiers forcefully. Lucky's got all the fang and claw of Warrior books without the stuff that made me never want to touch them, or Foxcraft again.

The book ends in a way leaving plenty of opening for another book, while wrapping it up all the same. Regardless, with the opening to a follow up book. especially on the topic of red squirrels versus grey ones, I hope it comes one day, but it's been five years and no second book so I suppose the ride ends here. I can only hope more books about animals with fighting, blood, strong characters, death, and such come along and fill our lives.
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Yolken | 1 anden anmeldelse | Nov 4, 2019 |
LUCKY by Chris Hill is an animal adventure that tells the story of feuding squirrel clans.

Lucky is a small, red squirrel who has been adopted by a band of gray squirrels. He quickly learns that he must develop some new skills in order to fit in and to survive in Albion Park. Along the way, he meets a cast of interesting characters including dogs, a fox, and a rival group of gray squirrels.

The author’s note provides information about the history of gray and red squirrels in the UK.

Librarians will find that this book appeals to middle grade animals lovers. Fans of the Warriors series and classics like Watership Down, The Wind in the Willows, and Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMN will immediately be drawn to the characters. It’s also a good choice for readers who enjoyed the Elliot’s Park books and are ready for something a little longer.

Published by Chicken House, an imprint of Scholastic on February 23, 2016. ARC courtesy of the publisher.
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eduscapes | 1 anden anmeldelse | Apr 10, 2016 |

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