Om mit bibliotek
My library is a combination of books sent to me by friends, bought by my spouse on outings, and random things I pick up of my favorite authors or someone new I might be interested in.

It is my spouse's dream to one day build a library of their own and I hope one day we can achieve such a thing. For now the mailed over boxes we receive and the "haul" we make from antique and small town shops is a start.
Om mig
A small town guy who loves books and loves to write.

Fell in love with books as a child and collected so many in 1995-1999 it was crazy. Unfortunately my living situation was bad, cramped, and I was raised by hoarders with no appreciation for proper bookcase use. One month in 2015 the roof went off and rain came in, a lot of damage happened, and my heart was broken.

I saved what I could, which was a lot more than I thought it was, and in 2017 came a new hope. I've been rebuilding since then and it's slow and uneasy, but it's something. I've come to appreciate all the books I have more and more, some of which may be trash, but some of which have been with me for a long long time now.

I'll read just about anything that's not political, and I adore children and teen books for being more flexible, many adult novels are simply too serious, though I will still read them. I was raised on horror, murder, mystery, and supernatural, and I do so love animal books.

As it's happened on Goodreads, I feel I must finish off with a little self-plugging, I suppose. If you are a self-publishing author or someone who wants more reviews, you can usually hit me up and I'll manage my schedule or give some input. I'm always interested in budding writers.