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Alexandra Day is the pen name for Sandra Louise Woodward Darling, who was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1941. She received a bachelor's degree in English literature from Swarthmore College. After college, she worked for the 92nd Street Y.M.H.A. in New York City and took classes at The Art Students' vis mere League. She and her husband owned The Green Tiger Press for over 10 years. She illustrated her first book, The Teddy Bear's Picnic, in 1982. It won an award from the children's jury at the Bologna Book Fair and was selected by the Children's Book Council as one of their choices for 1984. Her other works include When You Wish Upon a Star; Frank and Ernest; Frank and Ernest Play Ball; Frank and Ernest On The Road; Good Dog, Carl; Carl Goes Shopping; Carl's Christmas; Carl's Afternoon in the Park; and Paddy's Payday. (Bowker Author Biography) vis mindre

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Værker af Alexandra Day

Good Dog, Carl (1985) 1,872 eksemplarer
Carl's Christmas (1990) — Forfatter — 710 eksemplarer
Carl's Afternoon in the Park (1991) 572 eksemplarer
Carl Goes Shopping (1989) 537 eksemplarer
Carl's Birthday (1995) 302 eksemplarer
Frank and Ernest (1988) 281 eksemplarer
Carl's Masquerade (1992) 279 eksemplarer
Carl Goes to Daycare (1993) 261 eksemplarer
Follow Carl! (1998) 178 eksemplarer
Frank and Ernest Play Ball (1990) 161 eksemplarer
River Parade (Picture Puffins) (1990) 139 eksemplarer
Carl's Summer Vacation (2008) 138 eksemplarer
Carl's Sleepy Afternoon (2005) 132 eksemplarer
Carl Makes a Scrapbook (1994) 110 eksemplarer
Carl and the Puppies (My Readers) (2011) 94 eksemplarer
Paddy's pay-day (1989) 82 eksemplarer
Carl's Snowy Afternoon (2009) 78 eksemplarer
Special deliveries (2001) 78 eksemplarer
Carl Pops Up (1992) 73 eksemplarer
You're A Good Dog, Carl (2007) 55 eksemplarer
Carl at the Dog Show (2012) 53 eksemplarer
Frank and Ernest on the Road (1994) 52 eksemplarer
The Christmas We Moved to the Barn (1800) 49 eksemplarer
Carl and the Kitten (My Readers) (2011) 45 eksemplarer
Darby, The Special Order Pup (2000) 37 eksemplarer
Carl's Halloween (2015) 31 eksemplarer
Mirror (1997) 25 eksemplarer
The Flight of a Dove (2004) 23 eksemplarer
Boswell Wide Awake (1999) 22 eksemplarer
ABC of Fashionable Animals (1989) 16 eksemplarer
Puppy Trouble (2002) 16 eksemplarer
When You Wish Upon a Star (1987) — Illustrator — 13 eksemplarer
The Fairy Dogfather (2012) 13 eksemplarer
Goodnight, Good Dog Carl (2019) 8 eksemplarer
Not Forgotten (2004) 7 eksemplarer
Good Dog Carl's Valentine (2021) 6 eksemplarer
My Puppy's Record Book (1994) 5 eksemplarer
Carl's Jumbo Fun Book 4 eksemplarer
The Golden Rule (2006) — Redaktør — 3 eksemplarer
Hooray for Dogs (2008) 3 eksemplarer
A Bouquet (1996) 3 eksemplarer
Carl's Baby Journal (1996) 3 eksemplarer
Follow Carl! (1998) 1 eksemplar
Il Natale di Carl (1991) 1 eksemplar

Associated Works

The Blue Faience Hippopotamus (1991) — Illustrator, nogle udgaver48 eksemplarer
The Teddy Bears' Picnic (Scholastic) (Alexandra Day) — Illustrator — 10 eksemplarer
The Teddy Bears' Picnic (Alexandra Day) — Illustrator; Illustrator — 2 eksemplarer
Teddy Bears' Picnic (Aladdin Picture Books) — Illustrator — 1 eksemplar

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This book is about a mom who leaves her baby alone and tells Carl the dog look after her baby. As soon as the mother leaves, Carl and the baby go on all sorts of adventures throughout the house together, that they wouldn't be able to do with the mother home. This was great bonding experience for the dog and baby. As the mom arrived at home Carl put the baby back to bed to make it look like nothing happened.

I would recommend this book to a 1-2ns grade classroom! It is a wonderful book to show a relationship between a dog and a baby. Most dogs are very protective and loving over thier human siblings! Shows the kids a sense of responsibleness to have the house the exact same as it was when the mother left.… (mere)
aubreysmithh222 | 76 andre anmeldelser | Feb 5, 2024 |
Mrs. Manning gets locked out, so Carl's on duty for daycare activities today- good thing the schedule's written on the wall and Carl's excellent at following instruction! Really loved seeing Mrs. Manning in the background trying various things lol

Daumari | 3 andre anmeldelser | Dec 28, 2023 |
Carl and Maddie explore a dog show, with a list of dogs at the end for a fun find-the-pupper if your kid is older than my literal infant, ha.
Daumari | 7 andre anmeldelser | Dec 28, 2023 |
Carl gathers a group of kids and wanders in a park, encouraging the kids to copy him doing things. Hijinks, but not anything particularly dangerous.
Daumari | 6 andre anmeldelser | Dec 28, 2023 |



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