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After some years as a teacher and a journalist, Maxwell Anderson turned to drama in 1923, achieving his first success with What Price Glory? in 1924, a World War I comedy cowritten with Laurence Stallings. During his long and successful career as a dramatist, Anderson produced historical dramas, vis mere patriotic plays, musicals, fantasies, and a thriller. Perhaps his best piece is Winterset (1935), a play Inspired by the Sacco and Vanzetti case. Anderson's first play was a verse drama. Beginning with Elizabeth the Queen (1940), his most famous historical drama, he employed for many years an irregular blank verse, typical of his attempt to bring high seriousness to the Broadway stage. Critics have not been enthusiastic about Anderson's work, and his plays are seldom revived today, but in his heyday-especially the 1930s-his plays repeatedly succeeded in the commercial theater. Anderson won the Pulitzer Prize for drama for Both Your Houses (1933) and the New York Drama Critics Circle Award for Winterset (1935) and High Tor (1937). (Bowker Author Biography) vis mindre
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John Huston crafted this very fine film with the underlying theme of isolation from a play by Maxwell Anderson. The backdrop of a gangster taking over a hotel in the Florida Keys is filled with inner emotional depth rather than a lot of action, making this the most mature and realistic of romances Bogart and Bacall would have on screen.

Major Frank McCloud (Bogart) shows up at the Largo hotel in the Keys to see his war buddy's father and widow to give them some news about how George died a hero. McCloud became disillusioned while trying to save the world and has been drifting since the war in both a personal and literal sense.

Nora (Bacall) had been drifting before she met George and begins to feel this same connection to Frank as they talk about their lives since the war. There is a maturity here as Huston shows a deeper aspect to caring about someone rather than the fireworks of physical attraction. The themes of loneliness and isolation run through every aspect of this film.

Frank once again must decide whether to save the world when the Largo is taken over by fallen gangster Johnny Rocco (Robinson). Rocco was once big and despite his deportation back to Cuba by the United States government as an undesirable, plans to be big again. Frank had gone to war as an idealist, hoping to rid the world of gangsters like Rocco but now views it as a lost cause.

Nora is a reminder to Frank, however, that while your head may say one thing, your whole life can say another. As the tension of being held hostage during an approaching hurricane in the sweltering Keys intensifies, Frank slowly begins to go with his whole life rather than his head, breaking his own personal isolation from the fight he gave up. The turning point comes when Rocco humiliates his former girlfriend, Gay Dawn (Claire Trevor), by making her sing for a drink, then refusing to come across with it when she complies.

Claire Trevor gives a moving performance as a girl much like Nora who simply got hooked up with the wrong guy, and became a lush. She will have her own turning point and help Frank when he’s forced to take Rocco and his pals back to Cuba. Lionel Barrymore gives a good performance also as George’s disabled father, holding on to his son’s memory and his beliefs.

A great score by Max Steiner complements the lonely mood of this film perfectly. Bacall is terrific waiting for Frank to return against the odds, wondering if she can open the shutters of her loneliness and let the light in once more. This is a somber and mature film that deserves to be viewed more than once. Bogart and Bacall fans will love this film, but they’ll find much more here than just Bogie and Bacall. A minor masterpiece and one you need to see.
… (mere)
Matt_Ransom | 3 andre anmeldelser | Nov 22, 2023 |
Intriguing verse play by theatrical giant Maxwell Anderson deals with the denizens of northern New Mexico and their fear of being overwhelmed by the US military during the 1840s. Though built on this political background, the play on the surface is a family drama about sons and fathers working out their jealousies of one another. Though the denouement relies too heavily on a rather convenient change of heart, Anderson’s play is nonetheless a pretty rich and effective work.
jumblejim | Aug 26, 2023 |
Poetic, whimsical fantasy, one of master playwright Maxwell Anderson's lesser works (though it did win prizes in its day), revolves around a dreamer who lives on the titular mountain and resists selling it to industrialists. Entering the fray are a squadron of sixteenth-century Dutch sailors and their captain's wife, seemingly marooned on the mountain and in time. Anderson writes richly and, at times, ornately this blank verse play, but the story is mostly too flimsy to support the level of dramatic writing he gives it. It is more the material of a musical than a play, and in fact was turned into an unsuccessful musical on television. Anderson is a superb writer, but he has numerous works which transcend the power of this one.… (mere)
jumblejim | Aug 26, 2023 |
2021 movie #174. 1956. Except for a bad temper, little Rhoda seems perfect 8 yo with pigtails. But she is actually a murderer which drives her mother into a nervous breakdown. Patty McCormack was exceedingly creepy as Rhoda.
capewood | 1 anden anmeldelse | Oct 23, 2021 |



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