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Oct 22, 2007
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Maitripa College
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In order to fulfill Maitripa’s mission of offering a world-class enlightened education for the 21st century, a world-class research library is essential. We estimate that Maitripa’s Buddhist studies library will ultimately house 20,000 volumes, with collections in Tibetan texts, works in Sanskrit, translations of Tibetan, Sanskrit and Chinese works, and scholarly works in English. Based on acquisition lists developed in consultation with internationally respected professors of Buddhist studies, we are now actively building our collections. Our aim is to create a lending and research facility that will meet the highest standards of electronic, archival, and print resources for the use of our students, faculty and local community for many years to come.
About Me
Maitripa College in Portland, Oregon, will produce enlightened practitioners, politicians, businesspeople, social workers, teachers, artists, philosophers, scientists, environmentalists, and healthcare workers for the 21st century. We will fulfill this vision through the development of an accredited Buddhist University offering graduate and undergraduate education guided by the principles of the Buddhadharma. The College will educate students in traditional areas of liberal arts, such as philosophy, political science, languages, and the arts, as well as in practical areas of expertise, such as psychology, social work, environmental sciences, business, and healthcare. The emphasis of the education at Maitripa will be on integrating Buddhist principles into the student’s chosen field of study, and on developing the qualities of a good heart, tolerance, forgiveness, and joy in the students’ minds as a basis for active engagement and benefit in society.
Portland, Oregon

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