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SamlingerEligible for Review (814), Review by Barragan (12/20) (6), Review by Edwards (11/20) (9), Review by Gonzalez Jimenez (5/20) (8), Review by Crawford (11/20) (9), Review by Forcinito (9/20) (8), Review by Nobbs-Thiesen (9/20) (10), Review by Schwall (11/20) (10), Review by Coleman (11/20) (9), Review by Borzutsky (9/20) (8), Expired (504), Review by K.B. (1), Review by Bergman (3/2020) (6), Review by Donaghy (4), Review by Christensen (7), Review by Paxman (12/2019) (6), Review by Joseph (6), Review by Stavans (6/20) (7), Review by Mota (12/19) (7), Review by Murphy (5), Review by Olko (7/20) (9), Review by Wolf (7/20) (8), Review by Armus (9/2018) (4), Review by Joseph (1), Review by Pearce (10/2018) (9), Review by Buch (8/2018) (4), Review by Pérez Brignoli (8/2018) (8), Review by Stavans (9/2018) (6), Review by Sieder (6), Review by Ramanzini Junior (7/2017) (6), Review by Holden (8/2018) (10), Review by Crabtree (8/2018) (11), Review by Posada-Carbó (8/2018) (7), Review by Albarracin and Barnes (8/2018) (8), Review by Hernandez (8/2018) (7), Review by Vargas Cullell (8/2018) (8), Review by Ciccariello-Maher (8/2018) (10), Review by Stewart (8/2018) (9), Review By Vaughan (4/2017) (7), Review By Appelbaum (3/2018) (6), Review By Lupu (3/2018) (8), Review By Borges (3/2018) (8), Review By Sobrevilla Perea (3/2018) (7), Review By Scwindt-Bayer (3/2018) (4), Review By Calnitsky (2/2018) (6), Review By Zarley (2/2018) (10), Review by Siavelis (8/2017) (7), Review by Boniface (8/2017) (7), Review by Mayes ( 9/2017) (6), Review by Stiphany (8/2017) (5), Review by Burns (9/2017) (3), Review by Stiphany (8/2017) (1), Review by Perez Jr. (9/2017) (6), Review by Roniger (9/2017) (7), Review by Bueno (5/2020) (8), Review by Ward (3/2017) (5), Review by Rahier (3/2017) (7), Review by Roldan (2/2017) (8), Review by Leonard (4/2017) (5), Review by Estevez (2/2017) (5), Review by Ching (5/2017) (8), Review by Doyle (6/2017) (6), Review by Kay (6/2017) (5), Review by Lima Gomes (8/2017) (5), Review by Freije (4/2017) (6), Review by Robertson (5/2017) (4), Review by Sanders (5/2017) (5), Review by Klaren (8/2017) (4), Review by Carlin (6/2017) (5), Review by Krausova (7/2017) (9), Review by Knight (6/2017) (5), Review by Long (6/2017) (6), Review by Montgomery (7/2017) (6), Review by Coffey (7/2017) (4), Review by Gellman (7/2017) (6), Review by Schorr (5/2017) (6), Review by Franko (5/2017) (7), Review by Meehan (4/2017) (4), Review by Blofield (3/2018) (7), Review by Carrion (4/2017) (7), Review by Thornton (3/2017) (4), Review by Cromwell (4/2017) (6), Review by Lind (6/2017) (9), Review by Musante (6/2017) (6), Review by Chacaltana Cortez (5/2017) (5), Review by Viterna (12/2016) (4), Review by Stoller (6/2017) (8), Review by Shirk (6/2017) (5), Review by Meeks (6/2017) (6), Review by Hofling (7/2017) (3), Review by Becker (7/2017) (7), Review by Morrison (7/2017) (5), Review by Little (7/2017) (7), Review by Samson (7/2017) (5), Review by Vela Castañeda (7/2017) (4), Review by de la Puente (7/2017) (4), Review by López & Lucero (7/2017) (4), Review by Berquist (7/2017) (5), Review by Buchenau (8/2017) (7), Review by Casavantes (4), Review by Collins (4), Review by Wise (6), Review by Marrero-Fente (6), Review by Love (4), Review by Wasserman (7), Review by Perez Jr. (4), Review by Fischer (6), Review by Mahon (7), Review by Martínez Novo (4), Review by Brulotte (3), Review by Matthew (5), Review by Perz (5), Review by Masud- Piloto (4), Review by Nash (6), Review by Boesten (5), Review by Bruneau (6), Review by Colomer (5), Review by Mesa-Lago (4), Review by Wade (7), Review by Williams (5), Review by Chambers (4), Review by Davis (6), Review by Feinman (8), Review by Borucki (4), Review by Gallo (4), Review by Dosman (3), Review by Gudmundson (6), Review by Mucke (4), Review by Myers (6), Review by Villella (5), Review by Klooster (6), Review by Brockett (8), Missing (8), Sent for Review (9), Dropped (25), Alle samlinger (2,327)

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NøgleordPolitics (206), Latin America (180), Mexico (169), History (145), LARR 2017 (131), LARR 2018 (114), Culture (113), Brazil (97), 1900s (92), Indigenous (86) — se alle nøgleord

MedierIkke angivet (42), Bog (2,285), Almindelig bog (2,231), Lydbog (1), E-bog (49)

Skyernøgleordssky, forfattersky, nøgleordsspejl

Om migHello! I am the Book Review Editor for Latin American Research Review (LARR), the research journal of the Latin American Studies Association (LASA). I am experimenting with using LibraryThing to create a more visual and participatory approach to selecting books for review and identifying experts to review them.

LARR reviews are published by invitation only. Before contacting us to seek an invitation, please read About My Library, as well as the information about LARR on the LASA website http://lasa.international.pitt.edu/eng/larr/index.asp.

Para Informacion en espanol, favor de consultar http://lasa.international.pitt.edu/esp/larr/index.asp

Para informacoes em portugues sobre o LARR, http://lasa.international.pitt.edu/por/larr/index.asp

Om mit bibliotekThe library larr.bookreview consists of books about Latin America from a wide variety of disciplines that have been published within the last three years. Publishers have provided them to LARR exclusively for potential inclusion in a review essay. They are not for sale, nor can they be swapped or loaned.

To Potential Reviewers:

LARR does not accept unsolicited reviews. If you have a Ph.D. or terminal degree in your field and would like to submit a review essay for publication in LARR, please send us your c.v. and a cover letter with a proposed list of books to review. We will get in touch with you via email to discuss the proposal.

Your proposal should indicate 3-8 eligible books from the LibraryThing collection Eligible for Review that you feel qualified to review. You can search for books by using the "collections" drop down menu to select "Eligible for Review" and then browsing titles or searching within that collection by author or using the tags. The proposed books should share a common theme, but may be from multiple disciplines, and indeed we encourage creativity in the construction of book lists.

Your essay will be about 4,000 words in length may be written in English, Spanish or Portuguese. It will situate the books under review in the literature as well as in relation to one another. We are limited to publishing about 15 review essays per year, so please explain in a paragraph why it is important to publish a review on your chosen theme now.

To Publishers, Authors and Editors:

LARR is a top-ranked scholarly journal on Latin American studies distributed to all LASA members and widely read by faculty and librarians at universities in the US and abroad. We do not solicit books for review or select them from websites; if you would like your books to be considered for review, please send them to us. We do not review encyclopedias, standard textbooks (though we welcome overviews designed for classroom use), new editions of previously published works, journals, purely creative works, or self-published works. Publishers are encouraged to send appropriate books they would like to have reviewed to:

LARR Book Review Editor
Government Department
St. Lawrence University
23 Romoda Drive
Canton, NY 13617 USA

Books that appear in the library but not in the Eligible for Review collection are likely under review already, and appear in the collections labeled "Under review by...". Although we have chosen to operate with transparency, it is against LARR policy for anyone -- including publishers, authors and editors -- to contact our reviewers directly concerning a review, and any attempt to do so may result in the book being withdrawn from review. We request that all communication be directed to the book review editor at the above address or via email to larr.reviews@stlawu.edu.



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