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Aug 7, 2007
About My Library
We have a lot of books. I started using LibraryThing when I had to give up my study and I catalogued the bookshelves in the study as I boxed them up (hence the "box00" tags) :-( More recently, I've done the crime bookcase in the hall. There is more crime and general fiction in the front room, along with comix/"graphic novels" and some "household" and "outdoor" books (oh, there's also a book case of crime in the study). There are (far too many) cookery books in the kitchen. Upstairs there are a couple of (doublestacked) bookcases of kids books, Sarah's "-ology" books (soc and psych) and my "current" pile, as well as the bigger boys' own collections.
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I talk to people about stuff.
Ipswich, Suffolk
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