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Jan 11, 2018
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Anshe Emeth Memorial Temple
About My Library
We have a treasured 'space' where all are welcome to congregate, discuss, learn, read and study.

With more than a 2,500 collection of items in the Media Center, you are sure to find something that enriches your knowledge and love of Judaism The ever-growing collection includes audio and visual materials (VHS, DVD, cassettes) covering a wide variety of Jewish content. The non-fiction books are cataloged using the Weine Classification Scheme for Judaica Libraries, based on the Dewey Decimal System. This means, for example, that sociology is still 300, history is 900 and cookbooks are 641.5. (The major difference is in the 200’s, where they were redone to accommodate Jewish topics, and Christianity is allocated to 296 instead of to Judaism.) The books include adult, young adult and youth fiction as well as biographies, with a concentration on Jewish living and learning (Torah, life cycle, Shabbat and holidays, prayer , cooking, etc.) as well as ancient and modern Israel. Fiction is shelved alphabetically by author’s last name and biographies by subject’s last name.

All books, except those marked Reference, may be checked out by Temple members for a one-month period with the option to renew if the book is not on reserve. Instructions on how to check out books are on the Librarian’s desk and is based on the honor system.

There are current and back issues of two subscription newspapers, The Jewish Week and The Forward, as well as several periodicals. This area is always looking to be expanded and welcomes gift subscriptions as well as audio visual materials. (Discuss donation possibilities with the librarian, Marsha Goldwasser, who can be reached by email—,)

Three public use computers are available whenever the Temple is open. Although the librarian is only present two to three hours a week, she can always be reached by email. There is also free wifi available.

Book donations are a vital part of our library and are most appreciated. The quickest way to determine if the library could use specific books is to email Marsha a list of titles and authors.
About Me
Anshe Emeth is a spiritual, vibrant and welcoming community that inspires us to lead a fuller, Jewish life.

To build an inclusive community where Torah guides us to engage in lifelong learning, repair our community and the world, embrace our heritage and the rhythms of Reform Jewish life, cherish our relationship with God and affirm our love for the land and people of Israel.

Anshe Emeth Memorial Temple, the fourth Jewish congregation founded in New Jersey, was established in New Brunswick on October 11, 1859. The congregation, which was then named Congregation Anshe Emeth, began in a small storefront on Peace Street. In 1897, the congregations’s first synagogue was built on Albany Street. In 1930, a beautiful new synagogue, designed by local architect Alexander Merchant, was built on Livingston Avenue. By this time, the congregation had been renamed Anshe Emeth Memorial Temple “in honor of the Jewish dead of New Brunswick.”
New Brunswick, NJ