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William Stillman is the internationally known, award-winning author of The Soul of Autism, among many other titles. Since 2004, he has worked professionally as a psychic medium. Stillman has been consulted on missing person and unsolved homicide cases and volunteers as an investigative resource to vis mere the Pennsylvania Paranormal Association. He has been interviewed on numerous shows including Coast to Coast AM and CharVision, with renowned psychic medium Char Margolis. Stillman has twice been a guest on the popular YouTube series Swedenborg and Life. His website is vis mindre

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The Wizardry of Oz (1999) 42 eksemplarer
Autism and the God Connection (2006) 42 eksemplarer

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A magical tour behind the scenes in the 1939 production of Wizard Of Oz
pennsylady | Jan 24, 2016 |
I originally bought this book a few years ago when my now 7 year old daughter was being assessed at the central valley regional center for autism. I was flustered, devastated, and heart broken. I knew that I needed to get something that would really guide me into the world of autism and answer as many questions of mine that it could. This book was one of the many resources that I turned to, to save my sanity as my child was being assessed at the center. My eldest daughter was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome and in the end my now 7 year old was diagnosed with severe ADHD, learning disabilities, and expressive language disorder. Even though my children did not end up with the traditional sense of autism, this book was still incredibly useful. Today I still refer to this book, since many symptoms of ADHD are similar to high functioning autism. I feel as a parent of a two special needs children that I am obligated to recommend this book to other parents. It is worth your time and money and it will set your mind at ease as you struggle through the diagnostic process.… (mere)
Jennifer35k | Jul 1, 2013 |
The Autism Prophecies
How an Evolution of Healers and Intuitives
Is Influencing Our Spiritual Future
by William Stillman

I loved reviewing this 207 page book because it was fascinating. I had grown up believing that autism ws an awful disease that people cam be born with, that could cause a lot of problems for them and their loved ones throughout their life. So imagine my amazement and joy when I found out that some people who are diagnosed with autism are blessedly gifted and are here for us to grow and learn from, and even more than that are here to change our world. I found the author's style very compassionate and reassuring.

This enlightened teacher through personal accounts and lots of wisdom., helped me to further and further understand how all the puzzle pieces fit. There was an excellent section in the back that had a series of questions that had been asked to those who had Autism and the responses completely helped me to see that there are some majorly intuitive and wise beings in that bunch. SO, first and foremost I want to apologize for the hate filled way I was taught to believe about Autism, I was so wrong. I would recommend this exciting read to anyone at all because there is just so much in here that we all need to learn. Thanks William, you are nothing short of an Angel.

Love & Light,

Riki Frahmann
… (mere)
biunicorn | Mar 15, 2012 |
The Soul of Autism
Looking Beyond Labels to Unveil
Spiritual Secrets of the Heart Savants
by William Stillman

I found this 223 page book completely fascinating. I never learned much about Autism, so when I was given this book to review I was excited not only to learn about the many experiences of those who had it, but also the gentle and blessed approach the author uses to teach us about it, and how we can communicate with those exceptionally gifted people. The personal stories just blew me away, they were so honest and varied and well presented. I would recommend this precious teacher to anyone interested in such a deep subject from a spiritual point of view. Thanks, William for helping me to understand a lot better.

Love & Light,

Riki Frahmann
… (mere)
biunicorn | Mar 14, 2012 |

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