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Peggy Parish was born in Manning, South Carolina on July 14, 1927. She attended the University of South Carolina and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. While visiting her brother in Kentucky, Parish was persuaded to enter the teaching profession. After teaching creative dancing to young vis mere children, she moved to Oklahoma and taught third grade in the Panhandle, in addition to teaching dance and producing community shows. Parish's first book, My Golden Book of Manners, was published in 1961, followed by Let's Be Indians in 1962. A parent of one of the students, who was an editor of adult books, found out she was trying to break into the writing field and introduced her to an editor at Harper who helped improve her skills as a storyteller. This, of course, led to her biggest breakthrough, the creation of Amelia Bedelia in 1963. Parish eventually wrote 11 more Amelia Bedelia books as well as a number of mystery novels, and arts and crafts books. Among these other titles are Haunted House, Dinosaur Time, The Chimp That Went to School and Let's Celebrate: Holiday Decorations You Can Make. In addition to writing books, Parish did television pieces on preschool education and children's books, wrote book review columns and led a number of in-service training workshops for teachers. Parish died of an aneurysm on November 19, 1988. Her nephew, Herman Parish, continues to recreate new titles in the Amelia Bedelia series. (Bowker Author Biography) vis mindre


Værker af Peggy Parish

Amelia Bedelia (1963) 7,422 eksemplarer
Teach Us, Amelia Bedelia (1977) 3,333 eksemplarer
Play Ball, Amelia Bedelia (1962) 3,326 eksemplarer
Amelia Bedelia Goes Camping (1985) 2,677 eksemplarer
Amelia Bedelia and the Surprise Shower (1966) 2,607 eksemplarer
Come Back, Amelia Bedelia (1971) 2,382 eksemplarer
Amelia Bedelia Helps Out (1979) 2,215 eksemplarer
Thank You, Amelia Bedelia (1964) 2,134 eksemplarer
Merry Christmas, Amelia Bedelia (1986) 2,094 eksemplarer
Good Work, Amelia Bedelia (1976) 2,070 eksemplarer
Amelia Bedelia and the Baby (1981) 1,968 eksemplarer
Amelia Bedelia's Family Album (1750) 1,331 eksemplarer
Dinosaur Time (1974) 1,175 eksemplarer
No More Monsters for Me! (1981) 902 eksemplarer
The Amelia Bedelia Treasury (1998) 841 eksemplarer
Key to the Treasure (1966) 653 eksemplarer
The Adventures of Amelia Bedelia (1992) 511 eksemplarer
Scruffy (1988) 474 eksemplarer
Good hunting, Blue Sky (1988) 375 eksemplarer
Clues in the Woods (1968) 269 eksemplarer
My Little Golden Book of Manners (1962) 218 eksemplarer
The Haunted House (1971) 145 eksemplarer
Pirate Island Adventure (1975) 140 eksemplarer
Too Many Rabbits (1974) 139 eksemplarer
The Cats' Burglar (Avon Camelot) (1983) 112 eksemplarer
The Chimp That Went to School (1656) 106 eksemplarer
The Ghosts of Cougar Island (1986) 99 eksemplarer
The Mystery of Hermit Dan (1977) 94 eksemplarer
Ootah's Lucky Day (1970) 88 eksemplarer
Granny and the Desperadoes (1736) 74 eksemplarer
Mind Your Manners (1978) 56 eksemplarer
Granny and the Indians (1810) 48 eksemplarer
Collection of Storytime Favorites (2009) 47 eksemplarer
Be Ready at Eight (1979) 40 eksemplarer
Amelia Bedelia Audio Collection (2002) 24 eksemplarer
Let's Be Indians (1962) 18 eksemplarer
Willy is My Brother (1963) 17 eksemplarer
Amelia Bedelia CD Audio Collection (2004) 16 eksemplarer
Good Hunting Little Indian (1962) 15 eksemplarer
Littlest Raccoon (1961) 15 eksemplarer
Costumes to Make (1970) 13 eksemplarer
I Can, Can You?: Level 4 (1980) 11 eksemplarer
A Beastly Circus (1969) 7 eksemplarer
Snapping Turtle's All Wrong Day (1970) 6 eksemplarer
Beginning Mobiles (1979) 4 eksemplarer
Little Indian (1964) 3 eksemplarer
Jumper goes to school (1969) 3 eksemplarer
The Golden Calendar 1966 (1965) 2 eksemplarer
Lets Be Indians 2 eksemplarer
Manners (A Little Golden Book) (1962) 2 eksemplarer
Hermit Dan 1 eksemplar
Mr. Adam's Mistake 1 eksemplar
Inga fler monster fr̲ mig (2000) 1 eksemplar
Amelia Bedelia 4 1 eksemplar

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Parish, Margaret Cecile (birth name)
Manning Cemetery, Manning, South Carolina, USA
Manning, South Carolina, USA
Manning, South Carolina, USA
Manning, South Carolina, USA
Columbia, South Carolina, USA
Nashville, Tennessee, USA
University of South Carolina (BA|English)
Vanderbilt University
children's book author
children's book reviewer
dance instructor
Parish, Herman (nephew)
Authors Guild
Authors League of America
Delta Kappa Gamma
Dalton School
Carolina Today
Kort biografi
Margaret Cecile "Peggy" Parish was an American writer known best for the children's book series and fictional character Amelia Bedelia. Parish was born in Manning, South Carolina to a poor family, attended the University of South Carolina, and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. She worked as a teacher in Oklahoma, Kentucky, and in New York. She taught at the Dalton School in Manhattan for 15 years and published her first children's book while teaching third grade there. She authored over 30 books, which had sold 7 million copies at the time of her death.




Amelia Bedelia is a hilarious maid for the Rogers family, little do the Rogers know how literal she takes everything. When told to dress the turkey for dinner, Amelia creates an outfit to put on the turkey. A silly book that is guaranteed to create some laughs and a great way for students to learn about figurative language. Amelia can help teach kids about how hard some directions can be and how figurative language can be used for literary enjoyment. Great for many different figurative language such as idioms, figurative and literal language and even homophones at points throughout the book.… (mere)
kdahl2022 | 205 andre anmeldelser | Feb 10, 2024 |
Reading level: grades 1-5
Awards: Society of Illustrators
tagravel | 205 andre anmeldelser | Dec 9, 2023 |
EducatingParents.org rating: Approved
MamaBearLendingDen | 33 andre anmeldelser | Dec 2, 2023 |



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