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It’s a Reylo-inspired roommate romance with a hot vampire who watches “Buffy” and K-dramas, an age gap, and one of the funniest blackmail letters I’ve ever read- what’s not to like! While the writing itself is a bit cheesy and fanfictiony, I devoured this book and had a delightful time with it.
deborahee | 11 andre anmeldelser | Feb 23, 2024 |
My Roommate is a Vampire

I Picked Up This Book Because: Cover love and hype.

Media Type: Audiobook
Source: P Public Library
Dates Read: 11/18/23 - 11/22/23
Stars: 4
Narrator(s): Gilli Messer

The Characters:

Cassie Greenberg
Frederick J Fitzwilliam

The Story:

This book gave me Twilight flashbacks but with an endearing bumbling Edward. Frederick and Cassie make a great couple and I enjoyed the slow burn aspect. Frederick’s mother is quite a pill. I enjoyed the story, but the conflict wrapped up a bit too quickly.

The Random Thoughts:
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bookjunkie57 | 11 andre anmeldelser | Nov 23, 2023 |
*2.4 stars*
Romance novels are generally not plot heavy, and that always works if the characters are great. Unfortunately, I was not enamored with most of the characters in this book. Including the leads. Cassie was fine, but I want more than fine in a lead.

I struggled getting through it and think it would have benefitted from much tighter editing as there were quite a few inconsistencies.

The thing that grinds my gears about this book is the missed opportunities. There is enough dynamism to the premise that I got to (for me) a record breaking 55% before giving it up. (Usually, I hit about 6% before giving up on a book.) There is clearly potential, but instead the story is a dragging, flat mess. It needs a vigorous edit (at one point it’s said that Cassie has lived with Frederick for 2 months and then a couple pages later, it says two weeks).

It also needs more depth and nuance in the characters’ dialogue. Essentially, the book needs to make up its mind about being a character-driven story or a plot-driven story and then lean into that. Either way, I was bored and frustrated with the characters. I couldn’t find enough interest to keep reading to see what happened. I didn’t care.

There is enough charm in the book that I think with an attentive edit and character development, it could have been a stellar addition to the vampire genre. I can’t recommend this book in its current form, but the author has me interested enough that I will definitely give her next book* a chance.
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DramPan | 11 andre anmeldelser | Sep 6, 2023 |
Okay, this was entirely my fault and I should have known better. I just wanted a quick read to lift my reading slump but should have paid more attention to the word 'romcom' in the title. The romance is once again all about sex and the comedy is teenage silliness, which would be fine if the main characters were in school, and not a grown woman in her 30s and a 300 year old vampire.

The vampire tropes - attributed to Buffy but borrowed from Twilight - were actually the most credible part of the story. Apart from the vampire in question waking from a century long coma with a six pack, which is more of an annoying romance trope (are there really women who need the hero of every last novel to be tall, dark, handsome and ripped?) I struggled most believing in the Mary Sue cliché that is Cassie the narrator, the self-proclaimed 'eccentric best friend' who 'doesn't have her shit together' but makes 'art' by sticking trash onto landscapes to protest about capitalism, and cons herself into a teaching position at a private school by telling the interview panel 'I should get this job because my art is really good and you'd be lucky to have me'. I mean, is she an author insert or the author's fantasy? And there was absolutely no chemistry with Frederick, the vaguely Regency vampire who recruits Cassie as a roommate through Craigslist and asks her to help him gen up on the 21st century - via TikTok, Instagram and Taylor Swift. Is it a century of repressed lust or Stockholm Syndrome that throws them together? You decide.

I learned midway through the book that this started out as fan fiction - Reylo from Star Wars, which means absolutely nothing to me but does explain a lot (the author even names Cassie's parents Ben and Rae, because she obviously couldn't let go). The 'relationship' and sex between Cassie and Frederick is somehow both dull and embarrassing to read - 'My breasts were of a respectable size but I fit easily and entirely into his large palm.' She is validated by Frederick's hormone-driven compliments and returns the favour by exchanging his formal suits for jeans and soft Henley shirts (brought to you by Nordstrum!) They run into each other half-naked on the day she moves into his apartment and the plot-what-plot nonsense is downhill from there (she spends too long in the shower and he has to come and check on her - in his underwear). Who feeds on this crap, pardon the pun? Frederick isn't even a believable vampire - 'as undead creatures of the night went, he was a marshmallow', Cassie observes at one point, and she's not wrong. His special vampire power? Creating fruit when he nervous. That isn't a euphemism and it's never explained how. Also the final chapters, with Cassie's TikTok plan to rescue her lover, dropped this book down from a 'not for me but passable' three star to a 'dear lord what am I reading?' one.

The reading slump continues.
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AdonisGuilfoyle | 11 andre anmeldelser | Sep 5, 2023 |



½ 3.4

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