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J. Robert Lennon is the author of "The Light of Falling Stars" & "The Funnies". He lives with his wife & children in Ithaca, NY. (Bowker Author Biography)

Omfatter også følgende navne: J. R. Lennon, J. Robert Lennon, J. Robert Lennon

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Mailman (2003) 289 eksemplarer
The Light of Falling Stars (1998) 273 eksemplarer
Familiar (2012) 196 eksemplarer
The Funnies (2000) 179 eksemplarer
Pieces for the Left Hand: Stories (2005) 162 eksemplarer
Castle (2009) 141 eksemplarer
Broken River (2017) 136 eksemplarer
Subdivision (2021) 82 eksemplarer
On the Night Plain: A Novel (2001) 77 eksemplarer
See You in Paradise: Stories (2014) 53 eksemplarer
Happyland (2013) 19 eksemplarer
The Miles (2011) 13 eksemplarer
Let Me Think: Stories (2021) 9 eksemplarer
Hard Girls (2024) 7 eksemplarer
Electric Literature No. 5 (2010) — Bidragyder — 4 eksemplarer

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McSweeney's Issue 12: Unpublished, Unknown, and/or Unbelievable (2003) — Bidragyder — 281 eksemplarer
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The Paris Review 192 2010 Spring (2010) — Bidragyder — 5 eksemplarer
Outlook Springs Issue 2 (2016) — Bidragyder — 1 eksemplar

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This was a very interesting collection of microstories/anecdotes about situations and happenings around a fictitious town. As with most collections, some were great, some were good and some not so good. They were quirky, with sometimes an odd twilight zone twist, or just an abrupt end, like you would have in a random anecdote. I liked the book pretty well. My only ding, was that perhaps there were too many stories. Hard to keep them all straight. To give you a taste, here's the introductory story to one of the sections, called Doom and Madness.

When a local apartment fire claimed the lives of 37 people, I was shocked and appalled. Later, when several residents were discovered to have been out of town, and the number of dead was revised to 29, I was somewhat relieved. At the same time, I felt faintly betrayed and disappointed, and wished that my grief and sympathy for the 8 additional victims and their families had not gone to waste
… (mere)
mahsdad | 5 andre anmeldelser | Sep 28, 2023 |
A book that wants to be Murakami, but isn't. Characters lack depth, everything feels very blasé. There are also similarities with the fantastic video game Kentucky Route Zero in its surrealist portrayal of a hollowed-out working class community, but ultimately these, as with everything else in the book, are only pale immitations of much better works.
markhopp | 9 andre anmeldelser | Sep 28, 2023 |
I decided to read this book based on the back cover blurb which talked about the camaraderie of running teams in New York City. Being a part of this scene for decades I thought this book would be perfect for me. But it seems I didn't read the blurb carefully enough because it turns out the book focused on just one running club. A club for gays and lesbians. And while there were some good moments about races I ran; for the most part this was a novel about the gay lifestyle and all the drama that surrounds it. And believe me, in this novel there were lots of drama queens and consequently, more drama that I could handle.… (mere)
kevinkevbo | 1 anden anmeldelse | Jul 14, 2023 |
The central storyline? metaphor? here is pretty clear, starting early on, and for that reason I needed either more or less. More surrealism, or more integration of the other characters and symbols. More reveals, or just less precious ones. I don't know, I liked the pacing and the tone, but I'm not sold. It's possible in a week I'll still be thinking about it, and it's possible I'll have forgotten it completely.
Kiramke | 9 andre anmeldelser | Jun 27, 2023 |



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