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Anthony, Lawrence
South Africa
Johannesburg, South Africa
Johannesburg, South Africa
Francoise Malby-Anthony (maka)
The Earth Organization (founder)
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Not to be confused with "Anthony Lawrence" - Please post corrections to the Combiners! group for clarifications.



A few years ago I hadn’t understood why everyone had been so obsessed with dolphins, then I read [b:The Day of the Dolphin|94499|The Day of the Dolphin|Robert Merle|https://i.gr-assets.com/images/S/compressed.photo.goodreads.com/books/1213184014l/94499._SY75_.jpg|91103]. By the time I had a chance to meet and touch a dolphin, I was deeply moved and humbled by the encounter.

This book was recommended to me by a few readers and has great ratings on Hungarian goodreads, but I was still a bit wary because I had my phase of animal mania in primary school and don’t consider myself an animal enthusiast now, though I do like them (the animals). This time, I didn’t understand why everyone was so obsessed with elephants. And then I have read The Elephant Whisperer. I honestly don’t remember the last time a book touched my heart so deeply. It is very well written, extremely exciting, powerful and emotional. A work of fiction couldn’t have been more engaging.

Read more (spoilers!): https://blueisthenewpink.wordpress.com/2016/11/01/lets-read-and-fall-in-love-wit...


Régebben nem értettem, miért van úgy oda mindenki a delfinekért, aztán elolvastam az Állati elméket Robert Merle-től. Most nem értettem, mi olyan nagy szám az elefántokban, aztán elolvastam ezt a könyvet. Előtte tartottam tőle, hogy csak igazi állatimádóknak való (simán kedvelőknek nem). Szerencsére nem így van. Nem is tudom, mikor érintett meg könyv ennyire. Közben hihetetlenül izgalmas is volt. Egyszerre adta vissza a hitem az emberekben, és fordította figyelmem a környezetemben élő mindenféle lények felé. Az ember- és állatszereplők is sokáig velem fognak még maradni, azt hiszem.
… (mere)
blueisthenewpink | 42 andre anmeldelser | Jan 3, 2024 |
This herd of elephants stole my heart! ❤️
NatalieRiley | 42 andre anmeldelser | Jun 17, 2023 |
An entertaining memoir, especially if you are an animal lover.
CarolHicksCase | 42 andre anmeldelser | Mar 12, 2023 |
In some ways this story reads more like a novel than non-fiction due to its pace, twists and engagement. Following the prologue, the reader is launched into an African storyworld revealing insights, danger and revelation.

Lawrence Anthony is a South African conservationist whose dream to acquire and develop an animal preserve in the heart of Zulu land came to fruition in Thula Thula, Africa. Over 5000 acres, it's abundant wildlife included the usual, without elephants or rhinos. Lawrence soon learns of a troublesome elephant herd and begrudgingly agrees to take them on.

Its matriarch had raided nearby neighborhoods and was put to her death prior to transport of the herd. In her place was a monstrous female Lawrence named Nana along with six others of various ages. Like her predecessor Nana was anything but amiable.

While Anthony and his loving French partner, Francois were accustomed to a wide variety of African wildlife, they'd never encountered elephants nor had any of the local Zulu tribes. Once the herd arrived, the pace of the story escalates making the book read like a fast paced mystery. Lawrence relied on his trusty sidekick David and together they made attempts to accommodate the herd and in the process experienced challenges. As the herd slowly adapted all were illuminated by an animal consciousness never before experienced. Put simply, elephants extra sensory perception goes far beyond humans.

Over a span of 13 years, Anthony's family and crew of Zulu workers, rangers and friends had experiences never thought possible. Among them, learning the value elephants place on family, loyalty and compassion and their willingness to go the extra mile. Once he developed a closeness with Nana, she became a protector and friend as did the rest. But like most great stories, problems surface when least expected.

To say this has an impact on how we view life, and Nature is an understatement of epic proportion. Reading this book provides food for thought in every chapter, though some will stop the reader cold. We learn in the final chapter that Lawrence passed away at 61, which in today's world is unusual. A model citizen, husband and friend to both animal and humans, this is a must read if care about humanity.
… (mere)
Jonathan5 | 42 andre anmeldelser | Feb 20, 2023 |



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