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The Illearth War (The Chronicles of Thomas…

The Illearth War (The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever, Book… (original 1977; udgave 1977)

af Stephen R. Donaldson (Forfatter), S. C. Wyeth (Omslagsfotograf/tegner/...)

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4,097282,172 (3.83)43
sequel to : Lord Foul's Bane.
Titel:The Illearth War (The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever, Book 2)
Forfattere:Stephen R. Donaldson (Forfatter)
Andre forfattere:S. C. Wyeth (Omslagsfotograf/tegner/...)
Info:Holt, Rinehart & Winston
Samlinger:Dit bibliotek

Detaljer om værket

The Illearth War af Stephen R. Donaldson (1977)


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This book has some many cathartic, tragic pieces to it. We start with Covenant's continued struggle with disease, delusion, and madness. As the book goes on, we see his character express love, devotion, but still struggle with his impotence and rage, which are the emotional effects of his leprosy.

I enjoyed the two tales of the mission to the giant, which is an enormous tragedy on so many different levels.

Hile Troy's discovery that he has been played as a pawn by Foul the whole time, yet struggling valiantly the whole time to be heroic and worthy.

Lord Mhoram's struggles with vision and prophesy, but yet being very tender and understanding of those around him.

Elena's grace and love, but crippling weakness and belief in a failed man.

We also get our first real taste of the vitriol and hatred of the ravers.

After re-reading this book, it is interesting to me how much foreshadowing occurs in the book that I did not notice the first two times that I read it. I quite enjoyed picking up little nuggets of information and illumination as I read. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, despite it not being a happy book. ( )
  quinton.baran | Mar 29, 2021 |
I find myself in the unenviable position of rooting for Lord Foul Bane and his many loathsome minions. Maybe it's just the intentional feature of making all the good guys so perfectly good and forgiving and nonviolent and understanding, but Thomas Covenant DOES NOT DESERVE IT.

Therefore, I really want to see Lord Foul Bane corrupt every single one of those bastards solely for the purpose of rising up and smiting that worthless son of a bitch, the Ur-Lord Thomas Covenant.

If it wasn't crazy enough that the Rape-Child of TC loves her Rape-Father so much that she summons him from our world to save their cut-out-heaven, she thinks she's in love with him and throws herself at him.

Yes, she's his daughter.

Not only does every character in the Land have no more dimensionality than a piece of toilet paper, but their insane levels of acceptance, even when a rage-filled father goes after TC or when the only true hero of the tale attempts to smite TC across his head, no one gets his just deserts. The grand heroic general who deserves every accolade gets transformed into a tree, and this is despite the fact that he was summoned from the our world, just like TC. He was also the most interesting character of the bunch.

So what was actually good about this book?

Well, the battles and battles and endless battles and strategy wasn't as bad as I've read elsewhere, but it isn't my cup of tea. It reminded me of the bad old days of WoT books 7 and 8, or perhaps a bit worse, because I cared less for the Land or its characters.

Some of the fantasy elements were pretty good, though, and what's not to love about bone melding and turning a combatant's bones to ash, letting the meat sack tumble to the ground? I got into this book only late, and completely to spite TC. Good thing most of the novel didn't have TC in it, or I might have gotten through an entire season of a TV show I'm way far behind on instead of just half of it, all in a desperate attempt to alleviate the boredom I felt while reading this godforsaken novel.

I can understand why people might revere this, considering the amount and kinds of fantasy trash that might have been out and about at the time it was written. I understand why it changed the face of old fantasy, just as I understand the Mallorean books did the same.

But the fact is, they all lack the gritty realism and complexly developed characters that I have come to revere in modern fantasy, and I just can't get behind it.

Having far off pining and far off horrors and far off hopes and plans is just BORING as hell to me, and if it can't be shored up by characters that learn and develop and change when faced with singular events that OUGHT to change them, then all we've got is a spoiled asshole who's turned a veritable heaven into an ongoing hell and he actually BELONGS on the side of Lord Foul Bane and he always will. The fact that he was summoned by LFB's minion in the first place should be a dead giveaway, but what the hell do I know?

It's not like Lord Wonderful Kevin (Don't get me started with the silliness of that name, the wonderful ancient godlike hero and destroyer of the Land) had anything to do with TC's summoning, like everyone thought. It looks like everyone has been fooled, and fooled good. Maybe I'm right about TC's direction. I don't know. I'm going to have to summon superhuman stores of patience to pick up the third book to find out. ( )
  bradleyhorner | Jun 1, 2020 |
** spoiler alert **

The Illearth War is just more of the same. Whereas in my previous review I excused Donaldson for being tedious because it was the first book in the series and required a certain amount of introductory information, he has thusfar failed to add any level of excitement. The reader's feeling of "leaving the story just as soon as something interesting has happened" becomes stronger, and more disappointing.

Some things felt too obvious, and perhaps it was intended to be that way, in order to let the reader feel like they know something about the book, only to throw them off later. Things such as the High Lord's lineage, which are not stated immediately, but are obvious to even the casual reader. As the reader, I kept waiting for there to be some sort of immense, plot-shattering surprise, and was frustrated when I did not find one.

A new aspect in this book that was not present in Lord Foul's Bane was shifting perspectives. Despite being called "The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever," the reader finds herself sucked into a new character's mind for the majority of the story: Warmark Hile Troy. While Troy is not incredibly unlikeable, his side of the story is nothing more than a grueling marching pace - literally, the reader spends half the book watching the Land's army march. I found it to be draggy and unexciting, and perhaps this is a reader's fault, since I have been raised in the world of instant gratification and over-dramatacism... but the lengthy descriptions of Troy's inability to come up with a sufficient battle plan and the struggles of the army to march fast enough without dying becomes tedious.

There are some aspects of the book that are more interesting than in the first in the trilogy. For example, instead of giving a long speech to explain an event, there is a point where Donaldson chooses to use a flashback. This flashback is considerably more interesting than the alternative (and, unfortunately, a little more exciting than most the rest of the book).

Once again, as the reader, I found myself disappointed as, at the end, the action was only just beginning, but Covenant was being sucked back into his world and the book had ended, just as the "good part" was starting. No resolution, yet again. ( )
  Morteana | Mar 20, 2016 |
This book is a major reason my reading stalled out… It’s so hard to get through a book when you don’t like the characters. Everyone seems to think that the Thomas Covenant books are classic fantasy, but I just have a lot of trouble getting into them. It’s a really unique idea to have a leper at the center of the story, but the character of Thomas Covenant pushes the troupe of the reluctant hero past the point of tolerance. If you can’t relate to or even like the protagonist the story is going to have trouble keeping your attention. (Which by the way, is why my husband can’t stand NCIS… he thinks that same way about Gibbs.) Plus the not so subtle incest lust side story in this book really turned me off. ( )
  Rosenectur | Mar 19, 2016 |
Stephen Donaldson takes Thomas Covenant on another strange journey through the Land. The second book in the series is much better than the first, which the first was great already. It introduces more aspects of the world, but doesn't it in a more organic way. The first book has Thomas Covenant getting told many stories about the Land, while in Illearth War he learns more about actually being involved. The plot of this book also moves much quicker and has a bit more originality to it. Thomas Covenant character grows, and while he still laments the way we all know and love, it isn't so repetitive. There is also a second protagonist in this book that creates a refreshing look at the Land through different eyes. While the series so far has a recurring theme, the characters are so great that it really pulls you in. ( )
1 stem renbedell | Oct 1, 2015 |
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Goodfellow, PeterOmslagsfotograf/tegner/...medforfatternogle udgaverbekræftet
Sweet, Darrell K.Omslagsfotograf/tegner/...medforfatternogle udgaverbekræftet
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That beauty and truth should pass utterly
Oplysninger fra den engelske Almen Viden Redigér teksten, så den bliver dansk.
For James R. Donaldson, M.D., whose life expressed compassion and commitment more eloquently than any words.
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By the time Thomas Covenant reached his house the burden of what had happened to him had already become intolerable.
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sequel to : Lord Foul's Bane.

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