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Vejen til frihed : en selvbiografi (1994)

af Nelson Mandela

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4,821622,283 (4.27)1 / 232
Den sydafrikanske præsident Nelson Mandelas (f. 1918) skildring af sit liv frem til indsættelsen som landets første sorte præsident i 1994, herunder om det lange fængselsophold, og om de mange års kamp mod apartheid som leder af ANC.
Nyligt tilføjet afnathanfinn, dolmsted, meditatio, nicosilver, bvcasa, fallingpiano, privat bibliotek, JaevionNelson, Gadfly82
  1. 10
    Invictus: Nelson Mandela and the Game That Made a Nation af John Carlin (krazy4katz)
  2. 00
    Colour Bar: The Triumph of Seretse Khama and His Nation af Susan Williams (Widsith)
    Widsith: Two brilliant and moving biographies (one auto-, one not) of southern African leaders (Mandela in South Africa and Khama in Botswana) coming of age, and taking on the racism of whole societies. Obviously Mandela is the more important world figure to get to grips with; but if anything, I found Khama's story even more emotional to retrace. Both utterly inspirational.… (mere)

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 2014 Category Challenge: Nelson Mandela's Long Walk to Freedom7 ulæste / 7MarthaJeanne, april 2014

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At nearly 800 pages this is LONG! It shows you everything Mandela went through from his childhood in the Thembu tribe to Robbin Island and beyond. It was interesting reading about the apartheid struggle from Mandela’s point of view and learning more than I ever remembered from the news.
( )
  rosienotrose | Jul 11, 2023 |
Fascinating. If it were physically possible, I'd've read it in one sitting. ( )
  Kiramke | Jun 27, 2023 |
Das Buch behandelt Mandelas Leben von seiner Geburt bis zur Amtseinführung Mandelas als Präsident am 10. Mai 1994. Es ist ein sehr interessantes und wichtiges Werk eines charismatischen ungebeugten Menschen. Ich hoffe von Herzen, dass in Afrika die Wunden die des Kolonialismus und der Apartheit irgendwann heilen können. ( )
  Wassilissa | Apr 2, 2023 |
Nelson Madela was a lawyer, then involved for most of his life with the ANC (African National Congress), when he fought for the rights of black Africans and against apartheid when that was instituted in the 1950s. He went to prison in 1963 and spend almost three decades there as a political prisoner (alongside other members of the ANC and other similar political groups) before being freed in 1990. This is his autobiography up to when he became president of South Africa in 1994.

In the first half, I found his personal life more interesting than his work/political life. But the second half really picked up for me. I found his time as a prisoner the most interesting part of the book. He (and the other political prisoners) managed to continue to fight as much as they could from within the prison walls. He really was an amazing man, but sadly his family life suffered for everything he did for the people of South Africa. ( )
  LibraryCin | Sep 17, 2022 |
I listened to the audiobook version of this. Would really recommend that rather than simple reading the book. The biggest takeaway that I got from this was that it's a great insight into the spirit of a man and how he went with his gut / feelings/ desire to see his country freed from apartheid. In the beginning we learn about hos he was selected to marry a woman by the elders from 'The Regient' and in defiance Nelson ran away - this was especially remarkable because from a very young age you learn that he was not one to be pushed around & instead tried to fight to get what he wanted. That was wonderful. Most people like to explain fortune/struggles as people having 'good luck' - but this story shows that he CHOSE to run away, there wasn't "luck" involved! Faith wanted him to get married, but he chose NOT to. Reminded me of something Mathew McConaughey said ... "Knowing where you are NOT is as important as knowing where you are."

I tried to rewind the audiobooks to find out the exact situation or event that resulted in Nelson wanting to continue with his freedom struggle, but it actually was a gradual shift over time - from breaking up meetings to agitations to taking part in protests. Finally, his stay on Robben island was phenomenal. The descriptions of everything that went there & how he had to stay for 19 years and then went to the next prison for another 7-8 yrs was unbelievable!

Would definitely recommend! (though perhaps a bit too much of politics involved especially if you aren't from South Africa and don't understand the history) ( )
  alvitoc | Jun 28, 2022 |
Viser 1-5 af 61 (næste | vis alle)
A Long Walk to Freedom, by Nelson Mandela, is an autobiography that describes the South African anti-apartheid struggle from his point of view. In the book, Mandela talks about his childhood, time in prison, and his political and social life. Throughout this journey, you see the development of an international hero, and one of the largest moral and political leaders. He uses various quotes to pursue his meanings in a secretive way; while creating a larger impact.
The book starts off with Mandela's childhood days and sketches out his family connections and his prospects if he had not become the father of the nation. Mandela's first step towards freedom was when he ran away to escape an arranged marriage. After his escape, his education life follows and his first trial to becoming an international hero. On pg. 24 of chapter 2, he says, “On the first day of school, my teacher, Miss Mdingane, gave each of us an English name and said that from thenceforth that was the name we would answer to in school. This was the custom among Africans in those days and was undoubtedly due to the British bias of our education. The education I received was a British education, in which British ideas, British culture, British institutions, were automatically assumed to be superior. There was no such thing as African culture. Africans of my generation—and even today—generally have both an English and an African name. Whites were either unable or unwilling to pronounce an African name and considered it uncivilized to have one. That day, Miss Mdingane told me that my new name was Nelson. Why she bestowed this particular name upon me I have no idea. Perhaps it had something to do with the great British sea captain Lord Nelson, but that would be only a guess.” Ever since his first day of school, he was already seen as “different”. They were taught all about British culture, and British institutions. Whites didn’t bother and try to pronounce his name. They also believed that Africans should have English names because their native names were uncivilized. This makes me wonder and feel amazed at how much society has changed in a positive manner. People now are much more united and significantly less ignorant. Later on in the story, Mandela talks in depth about his life in prison; it is both horrifying and edifying and it is during these chapters that the reader develops a strong empathy with the man. For example, on pg. 276 of chapter 61, he says, “ Prison is designed to break one's spirit and destroy one's resolve. To do this, the authorities attempt to exploit every weakness, demolish every initiative, negate all signs of individuality--all with the idea of stamping out that spark that makes each of us human and each of us who we are.” While prison is designed to break one’s spirit and destroy one’s resolve; Nelson didn’t let it get to him in his 27 years in prison. While I’ve never experienced something similar to this myself but I can imagine how authorities can try and demolish you mentally. This truly shows his colors; his spirit of compassion, forgiveness, inclusiveness, and ability to live by his principles that made him. In addition, the final parts of the book deal with his life after prison, politics and the dismantling of apartheid. It also deals with the elections, violence and how Mandela ultimately becomes President. For example, on pg. 127 of chapter 20, he says, “ Education is the great engine of personal development. It is through education that the daughter of a peasant can become a doctor, that the son of a mineworker can become the head of the mine, that a child of farmworkers can become the president of a great nation. It is what we make out of what we have, not what we are given, that separates one person from another.”Education is what allows us to learn and grow. It is also what allows us to escape poverty. For instance, my parents came from Mexico to the U.S so I could get the chance to go to a university and live a better life than they did. Without education, no one would have the chance to better themselves, their families, or their future.
In conclusion, A Long Walk to Freedom was truly a magnificent journey and a must read. Mandela’s journey and his hardships all convey the message of, “fight for what you believe is right” and Mandela did just that. Nelson Mandela is truly worthy of his title of an “international hero”. The wisdom, fortitude, strength, and humanity of Nelson Mandela radiated from every page. I felt very enriched after closing the last page of the book, but I also felt an immense sense of anger after the final page; I wanted more! The autobiography creates another layer of perspective; after reading it you can not look at things the same anymore and it creates an experience as if you were the one going through this journey. It was truly a long, long walk to freedom.


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I dedicate this book to my six children, Madiba and Makaziwe (my first daught), who are now deceased, and to Makgatho Makaiwe, Zenani, and Zindzi, whose support and love I treasure; to my twenty-one grandchildren and three-grandchildren who give me great pleasure; and to all my comrades, friends, and fellow South Africans whom I serve and whose courage, determination, and patriotism remain my source of inspiration.
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Apart from life, a strong constitution, and an abiding connection to the Thembu royal house, the only thing my father bestowed upon me at birth was a name, Rolihlahla
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I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. I felt fear more times than I can remember, but I hid it behind a mask of boldness. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.
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Den sydafrikanske præsident Nelson Mandelas (f. 1918) skildring af sit liv frem til indsættelsen som landets første sorte præsident i 1994, herunder om det lange fængselsophold, og om de mange års kamp mod apartheid som leder af ANC.

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