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The Redheaded Princess: A Novel af Ann…

The Redheaded Princess: A Novel (udgave 2008)

af Ann Rinaldi

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17914119,910 (3.61)6
In 1542, nine-year-old Lady Elizabeth lives on an estate near London, striving to get back into the good graces of her father, King Henry VIII, and as the years pass she faces his death and those of other close relatives until she finds herself next in line to ascend the throne of England in 1558.
Titel:The Redheaded Princess: A Novel
Forfattere:Ann Rinaldi
Info:HarperCollins (2008), Hardcover, 224 pages
Samlinger:Dit bibliotek, Læst, men ikke ejet

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The Redheaded Princess af Ann Rinaldi


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I have always loved historical fiction and Ann Rinaldi writes great YA level books in this genre. I find that she writes books that pretty accurate factually and that also have great characters who I am interested in learning how they live in the time period they exist in. ( )
  KateKat11 | Sep 24, 2021 |
Nothing doing. I just have to say it, I've read quite a few Elizabeth books (both before and after she was crowned) and this one just didn't connect.
Okay, this may just be wrong and I'm completely off my rocker, but in every other version of history I've heard, Elizabeth did not spend her whole life thinking about what she would do "when she was Queen." It just felt like the author was trying to bring across the fact that she was "born ready to rule" or something, and it just felt off. Elizabeth was third in line for the crown, and she spent a large amount of her childhood cut out of that line altogether. I don't really think she spent the entire time dreaming about the day when she knew she would be Queen.
And, I have to say, there were just a few too many references to affairs and dreamy guys to really be enjoyable. It wasn't even good romance in any way shape or form, and yes everything is very much based on actual fact, but it still felt sort of dramatized. At the very least, one guy treated her poorly (nothing R rated, but slightly suggestive) - while married. He even claimed he only married the woman to get close to her. And then there's the other guy, who's also married and sending her flowers by the end . . .
Anyway, my advice? Don't read this book. If you want a good Queen Elizabeth book (or a book about any British royal!) just ask me. This one isn't going on the list. ( )
  Jaina_Rose | Mar 1, 2016 |
For all the girls who want to be queen and love history. The same girls who will one day travel to England because they read books like this one. ( )
  librarian1204 | Apr 27, 2013 |
The year is 1542. Nine-year-old Elizabeth is aware of her destiny; she will one day be queen of England. Her father King Henry VIII alternately accepts and rejects her. The motherless Elizabeth is brought up by her nanny Catherine Ashley. An entire household of servants live with her. Elizabeth is brave, intelligent, industrious, and scholarly; at the age of four she learned Latin! Elizabeth also learns to be wary and distrustful of people who surround her in court; their loyalities change quickly. Elizabeth watches and waits as her half-brother Edward VI becomes King, her cousin Lady Jane Grey becomes Queen, and then her half-sister Mary rules England. ( )
  shsunon | Feb 12, 2012 |
Recommended Ages: Gr. 7-10

Plot Summary: Elizabeth knew from age 3 that she wanted to be Queen. But before she could take reign, Elizabeth had to survive since she was third in line, after her younger brother Edward and her older sister Mary. While living in Hatfield, she was under the care of fabulous knights and nurses who gave her good advice and stayed with her throughout her life. Her tutors taught her languages, penmanship, and other typical subject areas, but wisely taught her manners, etiquette, and important life lessons as well. Sir Thomas Seymour was a distraction to Elizabeth. She was always attracted to him, despite his age. When he offered his hand in marriage, she knew she must decline but it was difficult for her. After King Henry's death, he married Katharine Parr, who claimed they were always in love. However, while Elizabeth lived in the same house with the newlyweds, Sir Tom would come into Elizabeth's bedroom in the mornings and tickle her, and once Katharine found them kissing in the garden. Katharine sent Elizabeth away but eventually Sir Tom came back with news that Katharine died and he declared he only married her to get closer to Elizabeth. Elizabeth is heart sick: she loves Sir Tom but she knows that he is bad for her. She finds out he is also bad for the country. He had planned treason and was put in prison and eventually beheaded. Elizabeth, still lovesick, realizes she should never marry or allow a man this much power over her. However, she also rediscovers Robin, who got married, then ended up in the Tower for planning treason with his family. Meanwhile, Elizabeth must also deal with her siblings. It's easy to stay on Edward's good side, but it's difficult to know what will happen to the crown when he dies. It goes to Jane Grey, but only for a short bit before Mary takes over. Mary's reign is not good for England. She spends too much money and is too greedy for a child that will prevent Elizabeth from becoming heir to the throne. She forces Elizabeth to be Catholic, as well as much of the country through her evil crazy antics. Finally, at age 25, Elizabeth is crowned Queen of England, and she feels her experiences and the people surrounding her have given her the ability to make her a good Queen.

Setting: England, 1500's

Elizabeth - loved to be educated, wanted to be accepted and love by her father since she never really knew her mother
Edward - 4 years younger than Elizabeth, his mom was Henry's third wife who died 12 days after giving birth, was always sick as a child, named king when he was 9 y/o, was surrounded by too many people who were power hungry and wasn't very happy being king, always happy to see his sister Elizabeth but wasn't close with Mary
Mary - 17 years older than Elizabeth, King Henry's first child from his first marriage, strongly believes in Catholicism which goes against what Henry does, is difficult to be around because she can change from being nice to being sly very quickly and it keeps Elizabeth nervous and on edge, always a little sickly, becomes Queen after she gathers up thousands and thousands of people to get Jane Grey off the throne, marries a Prince of Spain against the wishes of the people because the marriage strengthens the ties with another Catholic country even though England is not Catholic any more, gave the order to have heretics burned at the stake, wants to bear a child more than anything so that Elizabeth doesn't get the throne however she married in her 40's and carried a baby around for 12 months until it eventually killed her, wasn't well liked by the people because she became almost mentally ill by the end of her reign
King Henry XIII - had six wives: divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived, started Church of England so that he could divorce his first wife, had three children but was never very fatherly towards them, they lived in separate house far away and were not involved until his 6th wife encouraged a relationship, very large man who had sores on his leg
Anne Boleyn - King Henry's second wife, Elizabeth's mother, beheaded for being accused of adultery
Catherine Ashley - AKA Cat, AKA Pussy Cat, Elizabeth's nurse, one of Elizabeth's friends and motherly figures, very supportive and gives good advice, very important to Elizabeth who becomes upset when they are forced to separate when Elizabeth is in the tower
Robert Dudley - AKA Robin, Elizabeth's childhood friend, go riding on horseback together, don't see much of each other after age nine, grows up but always remains faithful and supportive to Elizabeth, gets put in the Tower because he is accused of being a traitor
Katharine Parrr - Henry's 6th wife, convinces Henry to get back in good graces with Elizabeth, was good for Elizabeth and Henry but was threatened to be put in the Tower by Henry, after Elizabeth opened the door and let Katharine out and Henry was able to see his wife again he was angry but spared her and eventually forgave her, married Sir Thomas secretly two months after Henry died, became pregnant with Sir Tom's child
James and Richard Vernon - Elizabeth's trusted knight
Sir John Chertsey - Elizabeth's trusted knight
Jane Grey - Elizabeth's cousin, is not well liked by Elizabeth, plain and shy, comes to live with Elizabeth and Katharine much to Elizabeth's dismay, her father is planning with Katharine and Sir Thomas for her to marry Edward and become Queen, they don't marry but Edward's says she is next in line for the throne before he dies, she is Queen for 9 days before being overthrown and put in jail by Mary who becomes Queen
Sir Thomas Seymour - very attractive man whom is loved by everybody including Elizabeth even though he is much older than her, part of King Henry's court, his brother is Protector of the city under King Edward's rule, King Edward's uncle
William Grindal - Elizabeth's tutor, well-liked by Elizabeth, requests a sabbatical in order to soak up more knowledge to bring back and teach her, claims he already taught her everything he knows
Roger Ascham - Mr. Grindal's teacher, becomes Elizabeth's tutor of important subject areas but also teaches Elizabeth money and important life lessons, Elizabeth respects him for his knowledge, wisdom, and advice
Mr. Parry - keeper of Elizabeth's monies
Sir William Cecil - trusted person by Elizabeth, took care of her accounts and become her secretary when she became queen

Recurring Themes: Queen, Queen Elizabeth, King Edward, Queen Mary, King Henry XIII, King Henry's wives, Anne Boleyn, beheading, Tower, prison, death, sickness, trusted advisors, tutors, love, marriage, traitor, treason, religion

Controversial Issues:
pg 90 "They told of my being smitten with Sir Tom, of my and his sexual play in my chamber [Sir Tom tickled Elizabeth every morning, of the day Katharine caught me on his lap, kissing."
pg 157 hell
pg 158 hell
mentions of drinking

Personal Thoughts: I'm always more interested in a time period when I can get wrapped up in a story. Ann Rinaldi was able to do this to me and I started to root for Elizabeth. There were times when I felt like it was too much like a non-fiction book with the step by step details of what happened to Elizabeth from age 3 to 25, but I was still able to connect to her and a few of the other main characters. As long as I didn't worry about all of the secondary characters, I enjoyed this story. I do wonder if kids will like it, however.

Genre: historical fiction (England, mid 1500's)

Pacing: medium, jumps quickly to cover 22 years of Elizabeth's life but focuses on the exciting aspects but the number of characters and frame could slow readers down
Characters: lots and it is difficult to keep track of all of them, especially all of the knights and secondary people, but it is easy to get the main storyline and pay attention to just the main characters
Frame: confusing if you are not familiar with the time period


pg 195 "You are only as good as those surrounding you, whether you are a farmer or next in line for the throne."
pg 195 "When you are Queen, it is never a good idea to share power"
  pigeonlover | Jan 7, 2012 |
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In 1542, nine-year-old Lady Elizabeth lives on an estate near London, striving to get back into the good graces of her father, King Henry VIII, and as the years pass she faces his death and those of other close relatives until she finds herself next in line to ascend the throne of England in 1558.

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