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To Kill a Mockingbird af Harper Lee

To Kill a Mockingbird (original 1960; udgave 1988)

af Harper Lee

MedlemmerAnmeldelserPopularitetGennemsnitlig vurderingSamtaler / Omtaler
67,798131811 (4.38)2 / 2364
En 9-årig pige fortæller om livet i en lille sydstatsby, og om sin fars indsats som sagfører for en neger, uskyldigt anklaget for voldtægt.
Titel:To Kill a Mockingbird
Forfattere:Harper Lee
Info:Grand Central Publishing (1988), Mass Market Paperback, 384 pages
Samlinger:Dit bibliotek

Work Information

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  1. 3213
    Biernes hemmelige liv af Sue Monk Kidd (Caramellunacy, rosylibrarian)
    Caramellunacy: Both stories are about a young girl in the South coming to terms with racism. Secret Life of Bees features an teenaged protagonist whereas To Kill a Mockingbird's Scout is quite a bit younger, but I thought there were themes that resonated between the two.… (mere)
  2. 266
    Hjertet er en ensom vandrer af Carson McCullers (dele2451, rosylibrarian, chrisharpe)
  3. 279
    Bogtyven af Markus Zusak (paulkid)
    paulkid: There are many similarities between these books. For example, a strong father-daughter relationship, where the father teaches by example by taking the moral high ground in protecting a persecuted minority - also kids that break down the barriers between secluded and socially awkward neighbors through books and sundry shenanigans.… (mere)
  4. 184
    Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry af Mildred D. Taylor (Caramellunacy, Anonym bruger, Anonym bruger)
    Caramellunacy: Both stories about a young girl coming of age in the South and racial intolerance. Also both beautiful reads! To Kill a Mockingbird is told by Scout Finch - the daughter of the town lawyer called upon to defend an African-American man accused of rape. Roll of Thunder is told from the point of view of the daughter of a cotton-picking family who only slowly grows to realize the extent of prejudice her family faces.… (mere)
  5. 173
    Sneen på cedertræerne : roman af David Guterson (EerierIdyllMeme)
    EerierIdyllMeme: Very different novels exploring similar themes
  6. 100
    Native Son af Richard Wright (DanLovesAlice)
    DanLovesAlice: An African-American facing an uphill battle against a highly prejudiced jury and public. Wright, like Lee, explores the dangers of the stereotypes created by insular and ignorant societies.
  7. 101
    Peace Like a River af Leif Enger (atimco)
    atimco: These books share a precocious narrator, vital family relationships, and themes that are funny and sad and thought provoking all at the same time. Extremely well written and engaging.
  8. 102
    Cold Sassy Tree af Olive Ann Burns (bnbookgirl)
  9. 80
    Nye stemmer nye steder af Truman Capote (Othemts)
    Othemts: These books are two sides of the same coin of life in a small Alabama town. Where there's dignity and hope in Mockingbird, Other Voices is decadence and demoralization
  10. 71
    Goodnight Mister Tom af Michelle Magorian (eclt83)
    eclt83: Goodnight, Mr Tom is as touching as To kill a mockingbird. Problems in society causes pain for the weaker.
  11. 72
    Brølet og vreden af William Faulkner (LKAYC)
  12. 40
    The Stones of Mourning Creek af Diane Les Becquets (Sadie-rae_Kieran)
    Sadie-rae_Kieran: Similar setting, 1960's in the south. Deals with some similar issues as well,including racism/discrimination. Though sad at times, a beautiful and touching story.
  13. 84
    The God of Small Things af Arundhati Roy (aamirq)
  14. 51
    A Lesson Before Dying af Ernest J. Gaines (rarm)
  15. 62
    Inherit the Wind af Jerome Lawrence (kxlly)
  16. 51
    Home af Toni Morrison (Louve_de_mer)
    Louve_de_mer: Pour les problèmes de ségrégation raciale aux États-Unis.
  17. 84
    Et malet hus af John Grisham (infiniteletters)
  18. 51
    The Ox-Bow Incident af Walter Van Tilburg Clark (mysterymax)
    mysterymax: This book also explores mob/vigilante thinking and is a classic in its own way.
  19. 52
    Sæt en vagtpost ud af Harper Lee (JuliaMaria)
    JuliaMaria: Harper Lee hat nur zwei Bücher veröffentlicht. Das zweite - "Gehe hin, stelle einen Wächter" - erst mit 90 Jahren - auch wenn es schon früher geschrieben wurde. Es war die literarische Sensation des Jahres 2015.
  20. 52
    En by i Ohio af Sherwood Anderson (chrisharpe)

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Uforglemmelig skildring af to børns opvækst i depressionens Alabama. Faderen, der er sagfører, forsvarer en sort mand, og det får stor betydning for børnene. Eminent beskrivelse af tiden set fra en otteårig piges synspunkt. ( )
  msc | Jun 4, 2015 |
Mockingbird is not necessarily as widely admired among scholars of US literature as it is among its fans. I once enraged an audience of very nice book-lovers at the Cheltenham literary festival by suggesting that Mockingbird was just the teensiest bit overrated. There are many reasons for this assessment, not least the feeling that Atticus Finch’s famous moral rectitude is, in point of fact, disturbingly flexible. He tells Scout: “Before I can live with other folks, I’ve got to live with myself. The one thing that doesn’t abide by majority rule is a person’s conscience.” That’s all well and good, and a fine American sentiment that goes at least back to The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. But part of Mark Twain’s radical move in that novel is to make his hero an illiterate backwoods boy; Lee’s hero is a virtuous, middle-class white man, full of noblesse oblige to the black people he defends (who revere him for it), but who doesn’t bat an eyelid at the common knowledge that the illiterate, white-trash Mayella Ewell is regularly raped and beaten by her father.

tilføjet af SnootyBaronet | RedigerThe Guardian
Its sentiments and moral grandeur are as unimpeachable as the character of its hero, Atticus. ... It's time to stop pretending that "To Kill a Mockingbird" is some kind of timeless classic that ranks with the great works of American literature. Its bloodless liberal humanism is sadly dated, as pristinely preserved in its pages as the dinosaur DNA in "Jurassic Park."
tilføjet af LT_Ammar | RedigerThe Wall Street Journal, Allen Barra
A book that we thought instructed us about the world tells us, instead, about the limitations of Jim Crow liberalism in Maycomb, Alabama.
tilføjet af LT_Ammar | RedigerThe New Yorker, Malcolm Gladwell
There are some improbable and sentimental moments in the story, but there are also great moments of laughter that belong to memory and a novelist's hand... Miss Lee's original characters are people to cherish in this winning first novel by a fresh writer with something significant to say, South and North.
tilføjet af LT_Ammar | RedigerThe New York Times, Herbert Mitgang

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Lee, Harperprimær forfatteralle udgaverbekræftet
Birdsall, DerekOmslagsdesignermedforfatternogle udgaverbekræftet
Blackmore, Ruth BentonRedaktørmedforfatternogle udgaverbekræftet
Brouwer, AafkeIllustratormedforfatternogle udgaverbekræftet
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Darling, SallyFortællermedforfatternogle udgaverbekræftet
Edinga, HansOversættermedforfatternogle udgaverbekræftet
Elster, MagliOversættermedforfatternogle udgaverbekræftet
French, AlbertIntroduktionmedforfatternogle udgaverbekræftet
Gaskin, NinaDesignermedforfatternogle udgaverbekræftet
Hausser, IsabellePostfacemedforfatternogle udgaverbekræftet
Healy, Timothy S.Efterskriftmedforfatternogle udgaverbekræftet
Hemmerechts, Kristienmedforfatternogle udgaverbekræftet
Hewgill, JodyOmslagsfotograf/tegner/...medforfatternogle udgaverbekræftet
Johnson, DavidIllustratormedforfatternogle udgaverbekræftet
Kooman, KoOversættermedforfatternogle udgaverbekræftet
Lamb, CharlesIntroduktionmedforfatternogle udgaverbekræftet
Lualdi, Frank P.Redaktørmedforfatternogle udgaverbekræftet
Malignon, ClaireOversættermedforfatternogle udgaverbekræftet
Millman, DavidIllustratormedforfatternogle udgaverbekræftet
Nissen, RudolfRedaktørmedforfatternogle udgaverbekræftet
Noli, SuzanneOmslagsdesignermedforfatternogle udgaverbekræftet
Pines, Ned L.Redaktørmedforfatternogle udgaverbekræftet
Porta, BaldomeroOversættermedforfatternogle udgaverbekræftet
Prichard, RosesFortællermedforfatternogle udgaverbekræftet
Ross, KatherineIllustratormedforfatternogle udgaverbekræftet
Sønsteng, GryOversættermedforfatternogle udgaverbekræftet
Smith, ShirleyIllustratormedforfatternogle udgaverbekræftet
Spacek, SissyFortællermedforfatternogle udgaverbekræftet
Stoïanov, IsabelleOversættermedforfatternogle udgaverbekræftet
Westerlund, MaijaOversættermedforfatternogle udgaverbekræftet
Westrup, Jadwiga P.Oversættermedforfatternogle udgaverbekræftet
Wilson, Andrewmedforfatternogle udgaverbekræftet

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Lawyers, I suppose, were children once.
~ Charles Lamb
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For Mr. Lee and Alice
in consideration of Love & Affection
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When he was nearly thirteen, my brother Jem got his arm badly broken at the elbow.
Please spare Mockingbird an Introduction. (From the Foreword by Harper Lee)
Oplysninger fra den engelske Almen Viden Redigér teksten, så den bliver dansk.
Shoot all the bluejays you want, if you can hit 'em, but remember it's a sin to kill a mockingbird.
People generally see what they look for, and hear what they listen for.
They're certainly entitled to think that, and they're entitled to full respect for their opinions, but before I can live with other folks I've got to live with myself. The one thing that doesn't abide by majority rule is a person's conscience.
Not from, but about To Kill a Mockingbird, with apologies:

Monroeville, Alabama
January, 1966

Editor, The News Leader:

Recently I have received echoes down this way of the Hanover County School Board’s activities, and what I’ve heard makes me wonder if any of its members can read.

Surely it is plain to the simplest intelligence that “To Kill a Mockingbird” spells out in words of seldom more than two syllables a code of honor and conduct, Christian in its ethic, that is the heritage of all Southerners. To hear that the novel is “immoral” has made me count the years between now and 1984, for I have yet to come across a better example of doublethink.

I feel, however, that the problem is one of illiteracy, not Marxism. Therefore I enclose a small contribution to the Beadle Bumble Fund that I hope will be used to enroll the Hanover County School Board in any first grade of its choice.

Harper Lee
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En 9-årig pige fortæller om livet i en lille sydstatsby, og om sin fars indsats som sagfører for en neger, uskyldigt anklaget for voldtægt.

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