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The Rising Force (1999)

af Dave Wolverton

Serier: Jedi-Padawan (1), Star Wars (44 BBY)

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733822,452 (3.61)4
Twelve-year-old Obi-Wan Kenobi, unable to be taken on as a Padawan apprentice because of his uncontrolled anger, is about to have his first encounter with true evil and must face off against unexpected enemies.

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Reread: May 2014

I read this thinking that I could possibly get rid of all my Jedi Apprentice books, now that I am long out of the heady rush of TPM fandom. As it turns out, I shall be doing no such thing. They remain great junior fiction, and likely would be entertaining even to people with no knowledge of the Star Wars universe at all.

(Previously read ~ Jan 2000) ( )
  Tara_Calaby | Jun 22, 2020 |
I can't even begin to explain how much I love this book. Obi-Wan has become my favorite character and learning about how he became a Jedi is so interesting! ( )
  book_lady15 | Apr 3, 2020 |
Writing: 4.5; pretty good writing in this volume that is simplistic yet conveys the message of the book, easy for both younger and older readers to understand.
Theme: 4.0; Obi-Wan Kenobi is ordered out of the Jedi Order when no Jedi Master agrees to take him as a Padawan learner, and he is sent to be a farmer on a distant world; Yoda sends Qui-Gon Jinn on a mission to the same planet, and Qui-Gon grudgingly accepts it, fearing Yoda is trying to push him into taking Obi-Wan as his Padawan learner; amidst their journey, the two cross paths and must repel attacks by pirates, rival mining companies, and massive winged beasts.
Content: 4.5; there is some lightsaber dueling in the early part of the book, albeit in training modes only; however, two rival Padawans hold deep hatred for one another, and such is seen in their fights; there are also battles later on involving lightsabers, blasters, and even massive beasts eating smaller, man-sized prey.
Language: 5.0; nothing objectionable.

The first book in the Jedi Apprentice series, The Rising Force tells the "origin story" of sorts for everyone's favorite Jedi, Obi-Wan Kenobi. If you were to think of words to describe Obi-Wan, you'd probably think wise, patient, calm, and obedient. Turns out he wasn't quite that way his whole life; in fact, the opposites of these qualities are what gets him kicked out of the Jedi when the Jedi Masters searching for their own apprentices refuse to take Obi-Wan due to his short temper, seen in his fiery lightsaber battles with fellow Padawan Bruck Chun. Qui-Gon Jinn is the final Master asked to observe Obi-Wan, and his consensus is the same: Obi-Wan is simply to anger-filled to become a Jedi. With reluctance, Master Yoda sends Obi-Wan on his way to become a farmer on Bandomeer. "Coincidentally," Qui-Gon also has a mission to Bandomeer, and the two must unite to fight off a pirate attack and an assault of winged creatures called draigons, all the while trying to ease tempers between two rival mining companies, those of the peaceful Arconans and the Hutt-controlled Offworld, eager to pursue greedy business ventures. The book has fun, exciting moments that make me eager to continue the series; the characters are likeable -- of course Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon are -- but something just feels . . . off. And it mostly concerns these two characters. Obi-Wan is quite the opposite of what we know him as; he is easily angered, and because of it, he is expelled from the Jedi. And Qui-Gon seems to lack compassion towards this young Jedi, yet he accepts Anakin Skywalker with open arms in The Phantom Menace, despite the Jedi criticizing Anakin's anger -- the exact reason why Qui-Gon rejects Obi-Wan. It doesn't really make sense. This lack of consistency with the pair's other appearances causes me to feel a little cautious, yet I am still excited to see where the adventure leads and see how the two work out their differences, because, of course, we know that they do work them out. Highly recommended for Star Wars fans looking for more adventures set prior to the prequels and starring Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon, as I assume it sets up a lot for the succeeding books, just be aware that the two don't have quite the relationship they have in Episode I. ***Finished May 30, 2019*** ( )
1 stem DarthTindalus | May 30, 2019 |
This series. Oh, this series. I'm certainly not the intended audience here (I'm old enough to have my own young reader), but this is one of my favorite entries in the EU for one clear reason: it's an object lesson in why Qui-Gon is pretty much the worst Master ever.

These books make me want to pull Obi-Wan aside and say, "Look, I know you want to be a Jedi Knight more than anything else in the world. But Qui-Gon? That way lies madness, kiddo. His first apprentice went rogue; he'll make incredibly, painfully clear that he doesn't want you as an apprentice while pretty much treating you like an apprentice and he'll make your head spin with it; he'll have to be repeatedly browbeaten by Yoda before he officially and reluctantly takes you on; he'll be aloof, cold, and a downright dick to you; he'll give you a rock for your special birthday; he'll abandon you with haste and glee when his third apprentice comes along; and spoiler alert: third verse is the same as the first. He will break your heart, you'll end up a crazy hermit in the desert, and you'll have fared better than most because Qui-Gon is pretty much going to end the universe as you know it. Don't do it. Go be a farmer. Please, be a farmer. You'll meet a nice girl, you'll help feed people and fix their planets, and you'll be so much happier for it."

Sadly, I can't pull Obi-Wan aside and instead I'll end up reading the Qui-Gon Manual on How to Be the Worst Father Figure Ever.

Sidebar: This series also has the best kicky disco covers of any Star Wars series. If you look only at the covers, they tell the tale of Qui-Gon, a long-in-the-tooth hustler, training his new star pupil in the ways of esoteric go-go dancing. Hell, even that might've been a better life than the one Obi-Wan actually ended up with. ( )
2 stem mediumofballpoint | Mar 4, 2019 |
OK for kids, I guess, but as an adult I found the story and characters far too simplistic. This isn't the case with later spinoff series "Last of the Jedi," which I thoroughly enjoyed, so I suppose it just took a while for the plot and characters to find their bearings.

For a more thorough review, please see http://scififantasyfiction.suite101.com/article.cfm/book-review---star-wars-jedi... ( )
  siroc | Aug 2, 2010 |
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Twelve-year-old Obi-Wan Kenobi, unable to be taken on as a Padawan apprentice because of his uncontrolled anger, is about to have his first encounter with true evil and must face off against unexpected enemies.

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