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Flashback (2018)

af Shannon Messenger

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519747,251 (4.23)2
After the Neverseen prove how vulnerable she is, Sophie decides to learn how to fight, but battle training won't help her friend facing a different kind of danger.

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I thought this book was a really important read in this series but not the favorite read in the series. I really would equate this book to book 6 in harry potter this book really focused a lot on exploring backstory and really was a different set up to the previous books in the series. This book was super long and i really did struggled with the pacing throughout. I also missed some of my favorite characters in this read. I also struggled with the romance entagantments in this books because it just not my ship but it is proving intreasting. I found this read to be important in this series and the end piqued my love for sure. ( )
  lmauro123 | Dec 28, 2023 |
3.5 stars.

Sadly, this might be my least-favourite Keeper book. The first 60% was one battle and a LOT of just.... talking. Things pick up a little bit from 60-90%, and then the last 10% was awesome!

  filemanager | Nov 29, 2023 |
Sophitz is a big no ( )
  Katherine74 | Nov 3, 2022 |
This is the best book in the series and the worst! I wanted to throw the book when I read the end, yet I can’t wait until book 8 is released. I love this series. Talk about a great teen/tween series-this is it! Good clean action packed reading. Every book is well written and leaves you wanting the next one, but book 7 is truly the best. I hope things get wrapped up in book 8. Our teen book clubbers have been reading this series on the side and we made graphs of who we think Sophie will marry, who might her parents be, and who may wind up being a counselor...very interesting discussions! Come on book 8!!!! ( )
  mrslaura | Aug 6, 2021 |
❋❋❋❋❋❋❋Spoilers for books 1-6 (all of the books before this one) below the cut❋❋❋❋❋❋❋

UpdateMarch 25, 2018

We now have a cover!!!

So obviously, we have Tam, Sophie, and Wylie. Or maybe Prentence? I'm feeling it's probably Wylie, though. He really looks similar to his picture in the official art.

They are all wearing cloaks that are white underneath and black on top. Sophie's cloak has a pin with what appears to be wings holding it together. I'm not sure if that's a reference to anything we know of yet so far. Sophie is wearing her gloves and a purple dress, and is throwing what I believe to be a ninja star. I don't see anything else that seems to be distinctive about their outfits.

Tam appears to be shadowcasting (the best word I can think of for what they are doing, I'm not really sure) with Wylie. Wylie is a Flasher, so I guess it would make sense that he would be able to work with Tam. I think whatever they are casting is causing the image of the stairway to appear. I think the forest is separate from the image with the stairs, maybe they are creating some kind of portal there? I think the stairs place may be the same as the ones they went up before (I am terrible with names, I should really look this up), the ones where Fitz let Sophie throw his brother's award off of. However, I don't believe those had railings on them, so maybe not. I also don't really have many ideas of where the forest may be. It doesn't seem particularly distinctive.

Interestingly, if you think about the staircase image as a portal to the forest and think about how Sophie appears to be coming out of it, the placement of Tam and who I guess to be Wylie doesn't make sense, unless you consider that Tam and Wylie were already at the forest and made the portal for Sophie to come through. We have seen Tam trigger the opening of a portal, or at least make the appearance of one known before, so I guess it isn't completely out of the realm of possibility. And we did hear some vague mentionings of the Vacker's ancient relative, Fallon Vacker, who could possibly be a Flasher like another one of their relatives, Orem Vacker.

UpdateFebruary 20, 2018

This is it guys, we have a teasing title and the cover is soon to follow - who do you think will be on the cover? I'm going to place my bets on Keefe, Sophie, and Fitz.

We also have some info from Shannon (which is a relief!)


Cover and plot description to come later (and no, I don't know when)--but just so we're clear:

WHAT THE TITLE *DOES* MEAN: Memory plays a BIG role in book 7 (which you can probably guess from certain things that happened in NIGHTFALL--please don't spoil)

WHAT THE TITLE DOES *NOT* MEAN: The entire book is one long flashback. Mind you, it'd be fun to mess with you guys that way, but even I'm not *that* evil. 🤣 (this is also not a prequel. this is the seventh book, and a continuation of everything. Calling it flashback will make sense when you read)

Sidenote, it just occurred to me that Psychic/Livie was also (probably?) in the Black Swan before Sophie was born. So we can add that to the list of possible suspects: Squall/Mrs. Diznee, Wraith, and Blur. I think it would be pretty cool if Squall was Sophie's mother because then Sophie would also be biologically related to Edaline (because Mrs. Diznee is her sister). Although, that might make things between Sophie and Dex quite awkward. (Watch, the book will end right before we learn who her real parents are - Shannon please do not do that!)

UpdateDecember 30, 2017:

I say it many times, that I hate people who review unreleased books, but I allow myself this one exception because Shannon Messenger never fails to deliver. My excitement is definitely a 5/5 stars!

Among the many unanswered questions: (spoilers for all previous books, of course)

1. Why is Lady Gisela hiding her face? Obviously, she most likely has gruesome scars, but I intensely suspect that there is some deeper motivation.

2. Silveny's panic. Why was she so panicked and secretive that one time when Sophie tried to contact her? I know this has kind of drifted to the back burner in light of some more....immenent issues, but it still remains a mystery unsolved.

3. Sophie's biological parents. We've been teased at this since basically the beginning of the series. I know its probably being withheld until it is significant to the current state of the plot but I REALLY NEED TO KNOW OKAY!! We do know that her parents don't know who the other parent is. And its pretty much confirmed that it isn't Kenric, Jolie, Tiergan, Prentence, and Mr. Forkle (I think but I don't 100% remember??). They were probably in the Black Swan at the time of her....creation, I guess you could call it. So far, of characters we know, that includes Squall/Mrs. Diznee and whoever Blur is. Also, he did mention that Enhancer was naturally a part of her genome and he decided to keep it, so maybe she's related to a character with that ability.

4. Sophie's other abilities. So far we've got Telepath, Enhancer, Polygot, Teleporter, and Inflictor. We also know that it most likely isn't something extremely volatile, like Pyrokinetic. It sounds like she does have at least one other ability, from Mr. Forkle's cryptic answer to her when she asked.

5. Alavar. I don't really know what else to say about this. It's almost completely certain that he isn't faking his memory loss, so what/who caused it, and why exactly did they decide to leave him for dead? Can his memories be triggered or are they gone forever? And this will definitely be a difficult situation to deal with in this next book. Is it morally acceptable to punish someone for something that they don't remember? Will he be just as manipulative and awful without his memories, meaning that his terrible person tendencies are deeply embedded in his character, or will he be different without them?

6. What is in the caches? Its nigh time that we get at least one thing out of those darn caches that were so hard won. Obviously, there will be information about Vespera.

7. Prentence. GUYS, THIS IS IT, HE'S FINALLY HEALED!!! But.....of course, it's complicated. Will he return to himself to be able to tell the Black Swan about what exactly happened before his arrest and mind break? Will he even be able to deal with his wife's death, son's torture, and all of their lost years?

8. Vespera What is the intent of her experiments, and why was Gisela so interested in them? I've wanted to punch her in the face for being such a stubborn pain in the butt for most of the book and I know I'm not alone in that. We do know it has something to do with human emotions and the capacity for violence so it already sounds quite unpleasant. Also, how does Fallon Vacker factor into this?

9. Biana. I know she's going to survive, but how will this change her personality and the group's chemistry as a result? Also, I'm hella proud of her. And Linh. And Tam. And Dex. And Fitz. And yes, even Keefe.

10. Keefe in general. Will we find out why he is so in tuned with Sophie's emotions in particular? And the rest of his hidden memories? And his "legacy"? Gisela made some loose references to what it actually may be but I don't really think its as simple as being Nightfall (either one of them) or a book or something. It seems to carry a lot more weight than even that.

11.What is Fintan's plan? Of course, it is never really what's expected. We can't really get an idea at the moment, and even if we did it would probably be wrong I'm guessing.

12. Marella's secret. Will this become public now, because of the events at Nightfall? And what will that do to her? Is there hope for progress with the Pyrokinetic ability? I mean, tbh, trying to making people with a dangerous, hard to control ability just ignore it sounds like a recipe for disaster to me personally, at least try to teach them to control it at the very least. It seems as though Bronte will be accepting at the very least, as he already knows about it. Also, there was a tease at what happened to Marella's mom as far as her sanity goes, and it seems that she was involved with the Black Swan in some way before it happened?

13. Will Sandor x Grizel happen? I really hope it does. Speaking of which, Sophie owes Fitz a dance as well as Sandor owes Grizel one, so dance party in the near future?

14. Fitzphie or Keephie? The romantic tension has definitely been rising, between the Dezphie incident, Fitz's very frequent gifts, and Ftiz's determination to find out what her secret is. Personally, I think both Keefe and Fitz have feelings for Sophie, and Sophie has an intense crush on Fitz and doesn't exactly know what to feel about Keefe. Sidenote, Biana most likely has a crush on Keefe. Or Dex?? Idk this is confusing. Maybe even Tamphie might be a thing?? Who knows, I have a feeling things are about to get very romantically interesting in the next book.

15. Will this be the last book? I'm assuming the "confirmed another 2 books" includes [b:Nightfall|32762917|Nightfall (Keeper of the Lost Cities #6)|Shannon Messenger|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1488996054s/32762917.jpg|53353021] and [b:Untitled|32762937|Flashback (Keeper of the Lost Cities, #7)|Shannon Messenger|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1520545883s/32762937.jpg|53353040], so could this be the last book? And if not, I assume there will be one more book after this and no more. I don't want to think about that. HOWEVER, there is a lot of room for spin-offs in this universe, because let's face it, there are still so many unanswered questions about the very rich universe of these books and their characters that could definitely be answered and expanded upon.

16. Damel I like the guy's personality, but something about him just feels off. I think it was one of his comments about a past wash he has done although I don't completely remember. But I am suspcious. We do know the Neverseen have a Telepath, and presumably a Telepath trained in washing. Connection? Maybe.
( )
  melonah | Jan 9, 2021 |
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After the Neverseen prove how vulnerable she is, Sophie decides to learn how to fight, but battle training won't help her friend facing a different kind of danger.

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