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Amber Alert af Dan Lawton

Amber Alert (udgave 2016)

af Dan Lawton (Forfatter)

MedlemmerAnmeldelserPopularitetGennemsnitlig vurderingSamtaler
2211840,555 (3.5)Ingen
Time is running out. Nine-year-old Chloe Janis is abducted. Abby, her mom, is now faced with revealing her dark past, hidden these last seventeen years, or losing her daughter forever. A cryptic message from a man she
Titel:Amber Alert
Forfattere:Dan Lawton (Forfatter)
Info:Solstice Publishing (2016), 308 pages
Samlinger:Dit bibliotek

Work Information

Amber Alert af Dan Lawton


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Viser 1-5 af 11 (næste | vis alle)
I thought it was a very good book and had some unexpected things happen towards the end. ( )
  LorieSt | Jan 13, 2021 |
I could not connect with the main female character-- the mother of the abducted child. I could not feel sympathy towards her at all. Otherwise, the book was ok. ( )
  Stacy_Krout | May 31, 2020 |
I received this book through a LibraryThing giveaway. (Thank you for the opportunity to read it.)

Near the end of my reading this book I was set to give it 3-stars. Then the ending happened. I was asked for an honest review so I'm going to be honest, not mean though it may seem harsh, just honest. I have to give my disclaimer that I do not leave "bad" reviews to bash anybody or ruin their chances at anything. Just the opposite, I hope to share my feedback with the author in hopes they learn and improve their craft should they see fit. That said before I give any spoilers I will say that I think this author had a good plot overall (except bad ending) and has a lot of potential. However this book needed an editor, or a better one, and more beta readers. In addition, I read the e-book version and there was a formatting problem. There are also quite a few typos, nothing major that makes the book unreadable but they're there throughout. Also many passages were drawn out and repetitive. With more time and editing such passages/sections could have been narrowed down in some cases to a single sentence. These instances are a drag on what could be a good story and make it hard to engage. For example:

Page 67-8:
"Nobody says anything. If there was a bird in the room it could be heard chirping. If a pin were to be dropped it would echo in the emptiness. Melanie can hear herself swallow, and from across the room, she thinks Hank probably can too."

I do appreciate his efforts throughout the book to work with the senses but as a reader I don't care to be told in as many ways as possible just how quiet it is. It makes me wonder if he used an editor at all, proofreader, beta reader, or if he just couldn't settle in on one idea. Please pick one and move on. This is especially true here because it's not important to the story that the room is super quiet. Use space like this for scenes that make an impact, change the story, or move it along.

The characters didn't have much depth to them and to agree with another reviewer, there were a lot of interactions that were just distractions. It was impossible for me to attach to the little girl, Chloe, she didn't come across like a real 9 year old, especially one who had just been kidnapped. Kurt for me was a mush pot of a man. He seemed like a push over who had no backbone but I don't think that's how he was really supposed to be seen.

In all honesty, this book wound up reading like an assignment that had specified requirements (one of these type of scenes, one like this, one like that, etc.). I'll be more specific and try to keep it short, but spoilers are to follow.

For starters, I really didn't appreciate how from the start Hank seemed to know the girl wasn't in danger because of how she just left with Scott, the kidnapper. And he's a veteran detective who's worked other kidnapping cases?

The abrupt introduction of Jordan in the middle of a chapter about a quarter into the book was disrupting. I like the inclusion of him in the overall plot and twist however in my humble opinion this should have been planned better and woven into the story not just plugged where he might fit and or is needed. His relationship with Mindy is supposed to be deep but it feels superficial. Perhaps because this is the second couple in the story who is just super in love and romantic and OMG everyone is the best! It's too much and doesn't feel real.

It took a really long time to get interested in the book. If I was less patient or didn't follow through with books I start I would have skipped to the end early on. It's not because this is terrible but because there's so much dragging on of details and repetitive repeat repetitions, okay we get it details that don't help the story. I've come back to this - ah the irony - because Day 2 of Chloe's abduction I felt like "What! It's only been two days! Oh Lord..." Meanwhile so much of the tension is eased knowing early on that Scott is most likely Chloe's dad, so you don't wonder whether or not he's actually going to hurt her. As an admittedly critical reader, I don't really care about scenes with them together that don't move the story along because I know nothing's going to happen. At least prove me wrong, but that didn't happen.

With spoilers attached I'm returning to Kurt. My head was shaking to read that Kurt apparently just doesn't think too much at all about Abby acting so weird after their daughter is kidnapped. And then he catches her leaving late at night with Chloe's backpack and he just lets her go while he waits! AHHHHH, I was pulling my hair out. Really? And this is all coming from a woman who has been deceiving him their entire relationship but whom he's loved deeply and he's just gonna sit back like huh, she's acting funny.

Chapter 20 really bothered me. The Detective, Hank, tells his partner he's coming over, has got to tell her what he's learned and this comes right after he follows Abby to a gas station 25 miles out of town. So I was intrigued, oh man here comes a good part right, she's about to be found out. He gets to his partner's place, sits down, and tells her vaguely that he's learned something about Abby's other identity and he's waiting for more info. And oh yeah on his way out - ON HIS WAY OUT THE DOOR - he tells her Abby's other name and oh yeah I followed her tonight on some mystery drive out of town. THAT'S IT! THAT'S IT!? There was absolutely no reason for all the OMG I have to talk to you now, I'm coming to your apartment, you're not going to believe this, just to have him half tell her everything. So the fact that there was this intimate scene with Melanie (Hank's partner) and her girlfriend (Hank's daughter) happening when Hank called was kind of annoying, almost like more time was put into that just for the scene to fall flat.

There are a number of scenes where the characters act as though they already know what's going on but yet they don't. It's like the author writes his thinking into their head. Like Jordan finds Chloe on the side of the road is picking her up, he knows she's the missing girl because she's in the news. Then Scott sees this truck pulled over up ahead and some girl standing on the side of the road and he thinks oh no, what's going on here! Could this be some pedophile preying on a young girl about to kidnap her? What should I do? At the same time he's driving around looking for his daughter who ran away into the woods and is probably going to show up on the side of the road... This also brings me to the point that I don't care for his style of writing. I appreciate his attempt to change POVs, constantly replaying the last scene from a different character's POV, but it didn't work because the scenes just weren't that interesting and/or one of the POVs didn't give us any interesting or new insight.

Other scenes that didn't fit, couldn't believe, were when Chloe was returned and she's at the police station waiting in a room (first of all are they really going to leave this traumatized little girl alone in a room with her puppy?). She leaves the room to get water, finds the detectives down the hall and they just say hey what are you doing? Now go on back we'll be back with water, and they just trust she's going to go back and stay there. Or was this an opportunity to have her "hear" her parents come in as she's down the hall. And then it's like the girl forgets her dad standing there altogether. She's been missing for days but she's only interested in mom? It's like the author writes in the fact that that's not her real dad.

After all of this - and I have left things out - I was going to give 3-stars, as I said before, and then the ENDING! Mercy! After everything that happened the ending is just sewed up neat and tidy with a big red perfectly tied silk bow with sprinkles glitter fairies and puppies. Kurt takes Abby back after being lied to for 10 years, doesn't want to know if the DNA test says he's Chloe's dad or not, Scott's mom survives her heart attack while Scott gets beat up in prison just enough to be brain dead but not too dead so he can turn out to be the perfect match to donate his heart to his mother. Abby leaves her a nice note saying hey you're really Chloe's grandmother and Kumbaya everything is awesome. It doesn't work to just have Kurt keep saying this is difficult, I might not be able to trust you or at least it's going to be hard, we're going to need counseling, it's gonna take a lot of work. You don't learn your wife is really a con artist who only married you to divorce you and take half your money for her and her husband who's in prison. Meanwhile she was sleeping with both of you, got pregnant and decided she really loves you (I bet when you've got all the money and he's in prison!) but never comes clean. Nor does she come clean when your daughter is kidnapped and she knows who took her, because he might be her dad! And a couple days later you've just decided you're gonna make it work.

So sorry if this was a bit much but, I really did enjoy parts of reading this and I encourage the author to keep working on the craft. Maybe next time reread the work some more with a more critical eye towards the plot and CHOP CHOP CHOP the word count as hard as it may be we all have to do it. Thanks for reading. ( )
  eLPy | Mar 20, 2018 |
3.5 Stars

First, Abby finds a letter that was placed in her mailbox. The envelope contains one piece of paper with the words ...FOUND YOU. Days later her 9-year-old daughter, Chloe, is abducted from a local shopping mall while her father was distracted by an old friend.

It's obvious that someone from Abby's past has taken the girl. But why? Abby knows .... but she's not telling. She's lived a lie for many years and although she wants her daughter back, she's not willing to let her secrets be known.

I enjoyed the storytelling. The reader knows from the beginning who took the girl. It didn't take a lot of imagination to know the why. He's not a pervert, his reasons go much deeper than that.

The character development was fine, although I thought that Chloe was way more adult than child. She didn't scream and cry for her mother or father. And when her captors presented her with a dog, she hugged both of them.

I did like that everything was fully explained and then some as the story was ending. This was the first I've read of this author's and while not thoroughly engrossed, the book did keep me interested enough to keep turning pages. I look forward to reading his other books.

Many thanks to the author / Solstice Publishing / LibraryThing for the digital copy. Opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own. ( )
  linstrong | Feb 26, 2018 |
I loved this book. The story was a difficult one to write, and to read, but the author did a good job. The main characters were plausible and intense. The story was plausible and real. It is sad but true that there are always hidden reasons behind nearly every kidnapping. The only problem I had with it was with Bree and Melanie. I didn't feel their relationship moved the story along at all. It merely slowed it down. The story was about a kidnapping of a little girl, and I don't think Bree's and Melanie's relationship needed to be in it at all. ( )
  somethingblanc | Mar 6, 2017 |
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Time is running out. Nine-year-old Chloe Janis is abducted. Abby, her mom, is now faced with revealing her dark past, hidden these last seventeen years, or losing her daughter forever. A cryptic message from a man she

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