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The Silva Mind Control Method af Jose Silva

The Silva Mind Control Method (original 1977; udgave 1991)

af Jose Silva (Forfatter)

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360555,710 (3.63)1
The revolutionary program by the founder of the world's most famous mind control course--Cover.
Titel:The Silva Mind Control Method
Forfattere:Jose Silva (Forfatter)
Info:Pocket Books (1991), Edition: unknown, 176 pages
Samlinger:Somerset County Library, Læst, men ikke ejet, Favoritter

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The Silva Mind Control Method af Jose Silva (1977)


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As a mental health professional, former clergy, hypnotherapist and life coach, I found this to be a wonderful culmination of many tools. A must read. ( )
  CultDoctor | Mar 1, 2021 |
This was José Silva’s first book on the Silva Mind method. It is what I would call a “must-read”. Learning this method should be made obligatory in all schools and be offered to children at an early age.

José Silva learnt all that he presents in his Mind Control method in the course of working with his own children, years ago, to enable them to do well in school. When he experimented with mental training exercises, the children’s school marks quickly began to improve, and, amazingly, they began to answer his questions before he had asked them – they had become clairvoyant!

In this book, José begins by teaching us how to meditate, to reach Alpha, the state in which our brain waves vibrate at between 7 and 14 cycles per second. We create a mental screen on which we can visualize/imagine our goals, and project the bodies of the subjects we wish to heal, including ourselves.

When imagining what we want, we need to desire that the event take place, believe that it will take place and expect it to take place.

When we work in Alpha, we are in touch with Higher Intelligence and can only create good things. If, for example, we should try to give someone a headache, we are the ones that would get the headache, and/or we would snap out of Alpha.

We hear how José once won 10,000 dollars after receiving a set of lottery numbers in a dream, and we learn how we ourselves can programme for dreams to solve specific problems – though he doesn’t promise that we will win the lottery!

There’s a chapter about using our mind to improve our health, and we learn, specifically, how to get rid of headaches.

We’re informed about what I regard as the most exciting part of Silva, the method we now apparently are taught in the Silva Intuition Course, where we tune into unknown people, spot whatever problems they may have, and correct these problems.

I learnt the Silva Method many years ago and had much success with it, but now I’ve taken a refresher course. Though much practice is necessary, I’ve had a few successes. For example, I tuned into a woman, saw that she had something crooked in her spine, and then immediately after saw the spine straighten out and correct itself. I learnt later that she had had back pains for many years, so I trust the problem has now been corrected. When we see these things clairvoyantly, and very clearly, we are in no doubt that what we see is real.

One method of healing we learn in the book is as follows:

1) Go to your meditative level and project the person onto your mental screen with whatever ailment is troubling him.
2) Place another image on the screen to the left, showing something being done to correct the problem (or correcting the problem yourself).
3) Now project onto the screen – still further left – a vivid image of the person in perfect health, filled with energy and optimism. By visualizing with conviction in Alpha and Theta you are causing. Visualize the results you want as being already achieved.
Even persons addicted to hard drugs such as heroin and cocaine can be healed through the Silva method. I myself easily got rid of the smoking habit many years ago through a Silva technique – I programmed for 30 days that I would stop on a certain date, and when the day came I simply stopped from one day to the next, and never smoked again – in fact I could not.

Although this books is from 1978, it is just as inspiring and useful now as back then. You are taught how to tackle all varieties of problems in yourself and others.

I firmly recommend that everyone read this basic book on the Silva method, and perhaps also some of the others. Even better, you could participate in one of the Silva courses available throughout the world, as I understand. ( )
  IonaS | Nov 3, 2014 |
The Silva Method is the famous transformational method, whereby we learn to go to a deep meditational state, Alpha, thereby activating the right side of our brain, and by means of visualization/our imagination create the life we desire.

The best, of course, is to take a Silva course, or courses, but I found this book to be extremely readable and helpful.

I took many courses, and read the books, many moons ago. On re-reading this book, I see how the late José Silva was a man way ahead of his time, and in fact a highly developed being and a genius.

José terms this help from the other side, or from God, our “invisible means of support”.

Even back then he knew that the present age is “a period of awakening, of expanded consciousness”. José’s research, courses and books have enabled many millions of people throughout the world to expand their consciousness.

“The Silva Method is a way of relaxing the body and the mind and then using the slowed-down brain-wave frequency and the stepped-up right brain activity to produce some positive result.”

Picturing mentally, that is, using visualization and imagination, is a right-brain activity, and the right brain is “connected” to the other side. José tells us that our mental computer is then connected to a larger computer, and our need is heard, and then filled.

We learn how to count ourselves down into the Alpha state, where our brain waves vibrate between 7 and 14 cycles per second, and are given a series of exercises, whereby we gradually learn to do more and more mental programming.

We are taught to cancel out worry and replace it with positive, solution-oriented thinking. We learn how to programme for dreams that can help us find solutions to our problems.

We pick two counsellors, one male and one female, whom we can consult when engaged in our healing work. These counsellors are in contact with what José terms “Higher Intelligence”, and can answer all our questions. We heal both ourselves and others.

José also teaches us how to programme ourselves to obtain a deeper state of awareness by merely putting the thumb and first two fingers together (the Three Fingers Technique), so we can immediately access Alpha in a waking, Beta, state, when we need to solve pressing problems here and now.

I remember once, years ago, when hurrying from the train and having only a few minutes in which to catch a bus, I had at the same time to buy something necessary from the station kiosk. I came running towards the kiosk, saw there was a long queue there, and placed my fingers in the required position, repeating mentally “Let the queue spread, so I get to be first”. (I know it sounds selfish, but I really needed to buy the item and at the same time catch the bus.) Suddenly, those in the queue seemed to lose focus, some left it, some apparently decided they needed to buy something more and went to get it, and others just turned away slightly. I ran in, and was served first. This technique is really wonderfully helpful, when you’re in a rush or a critical situation.

The book contains chapters on solving people problems, health problems, money problems and complicated problems.

We are taught the invaluable tool of using subjective communication. This is communication between yourself and another party when in Alpha. You relax and imagine you see the person and hold a conversation with him/her in a loving way that suggests a solution to some mutual problem. This communication goes via the sender’s superconscious mind to the receiver’s conscious mind.

I have used subjective communication many times with success, and have also used it successfully when wanting a loan from my bank, which had previously been denied me (even though this was not a “mutual problem”),

You can use subjective communication with your spouse, children, parents, in-laws, employer, fellow workers, law enforcers or friends. Remember to communicate in a loving way.

We learn an important technique called the Glass of Water Technique, which can be used mostly for people problems.

What I have here presented are some of the basic precepts and techniques dealt with in the book. But it contains much, much more than these.

I highly recommend that you read the book, which is clearly and simply written and very readable. José includes several fascinating success stories from his own life and experience, and it is thus in no way a dull book. ( )
  IonaS | Oct 13, 2014 |
I first read of The Silva Method in Johanna Michaelsen's "The Beautiful Side of Evil". During that same period, I found the book, "The Silva Mind control Method" in my aunt Virginia's library.

Because of my lack of discipline, I was never able to create my mental room, though I did access the deeper levels of meditation, which helped me in a martial arts class I was taking at the time. I would visualize my spars before the fact, and would do really well in them.

Years later I was reading of the Gulf Breeze UFOs and Ed Walters. Ed Walters had unknowingly practiced the Silva Mind Control Method since childhood. He called it the Black Cloud, or some such. Indeed, many meditations, psychology techniques, Shamanistic practices, et cetera mirror the Silva Method.

I'll give a very brief introduction. You completely relax and count down (I dislike a downward spiral, so I count up). You only concentrate on the numbers going down. When you reach zero, you start building a mental habitat in which to dwell. Through practice you may summon this mental landscape, or state, instantaneously while waking. The book takes you through acquiring guides to teach you, who are summoned up from an elevator.

In "The Beautiful Side of Evil", Johanna picked Jesus and Mary. She got them, though their images would flash to that of bloody werewolves. Many people were shocked by who they actually got as guides, as opposed to those they had asked to come up the mental elevators. Johanna would get stuck in her meditative state and have to look at the bloody werewolves for hours in terror before she could count herself towards consciousness. Hers is an interesting story, that started not in her childhood, but her ancestors.

If you believe these types of practices are ridiculous, I can only assume that you think the entire field of psychology is full of New Age nutters—which it is. I have a slight affinity for the Left Handed polarization of knowledge seekers. They are no more fools than anyone else, just a different type of fool.

John Chang once stated that the real adventure takes place deep within meditative realm, where the teachers reside. He's right, and it is a dangerous place for the fool to wander.

This book, like many books, is filled with some interesting information, and a lot of bunk. Ed Walters, in his book, had no idea what the hell he was doing—even with the appearance of the malevolent black dog. I think you may begin to understand me. If not, dig into some Germanic mythology.

The Old is the New. The Future is filled with Magic and Science. In our world of paradox and polarization, One cannot exist without the other. Eventually, they will be married.

Here I have talked a lot about 2 books other than this book which were only loosely tied to this book, yet had much to do with the Silva Method. Today, to take this book's place, there is "The Secret". I shall save that for another time. ( )
  endersreads | Jul 28, 2009 |
A 40p junk store by for reading at the beach ... is pretty much a book on things to do when meditating which include ! Despite the wrong turn into developing ESP, it is depressing how little pop psychology has progressed since this book was written. ( )
  taniwha | Aug 13, 2006 |
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The revolutionary program by the founder of the world's most famous mind control course--Cover.

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