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Hearts of Darkness (Deadglass) af Kira Brady

Hearts of Darkness (Deadglass) (udgave 2012)

af Kira Brady

Serier: Deadglass Trilogy (1)

MedlemmerAnmeldelserPopularitetGennemsnitlig vurderingSamtaler
6411319,696 (3.35)Ingen
When her search for her sister's killer leads her to lethally-sexy werewolf mercenary Hart, nurse Kayla Friday, holding the key to the Gate of the Land of the Dead, cannot not control her attraction to this creature who will stop at nothing to free what's left of his soul.
Titel:Hearts of Darkness (Deadglass)
Forfattere:Kira Brady
Info:Zebra (2012), Mass Market Paperback, 352 pages
Samlinger:Dit bibliotek

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Hearts of Darkness (Deadglass) af Kira Brady


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Kayla Friday, a nurse, has always believed in logic and reason and science. She doesn't believe in the paranormal, or myths or what she can't prove is real. Kayla's sister has been killed and she has come Seattle, to find her sisters killer. While examining her body, discovering her sister was pregnant when she died, she comes face to face with Hart, a sexy werewolf mercenary. Hart is demanding the location of the "key" which was in her sisters possession. Kayla has no idea that this search for this "key" would bring her perfect logical world down around her ears. Hart will do whatever it takes to free his soul, even if that means seducing and betraying a innocent woman who has wormed her way into his heart. But soon time runs short, and Hart and Kayla will have to rely on each other to stop the end of the world, if they survive that is...

Hearts of Darkness is the first in this trilogy by Kira Brady. This is a brand new author to me. Through my library I am able to access a few free digital audiobooks. I kept seeing this title pop up and always available, so I thought I should give it a shot. Little did I realize how much I would fall for this story. At first it starts out a bit slow, but once Hart and Kayla meets, all bets are off, these two are explosive together. This story is the beginning of a thrilling romance that is guaranteed to quicken the beats of your heart and get the adrenalin pumping. When I first read the blurb for the book, I thought well it seems to have a little conflict right, nothing too exciting just enough to keep me interested.....well let me tell you boys and girls, there is enough action and intensity to thrill you down to your toes. I could hardly get enough of this book and when it was over I was a little sad. Over ten hours long, and I still wanted to story to keep going. I found myself so enthralled by Kayla and Hart and wanting to see how they would ever get their HEA. Because every time I thought it would happen, something else would change the circumstances to the plot and keep me so fascinated I had a hard time putting it down.

Hearts of Darkness intensity is a bit comparable to Moning's Fever series, only this is a romance~~no doubt about it. The world that Kira Brady creates is full of mythical creatures of all shapes and sizes, with a few gods, ghosts and shape shifters and magical beings. So if you adore anything that goes "bump in the night" than this book is for YOU!!! This world seems so vivid and real and there were a couple of times while listening to this, I didn't want to go to sleep, thinking that this world might be real. Crazy how books affect us human beings so, but I guess I am mortal. The romance between Hart and Kayla is so precious and intense and wildly passionate. I loved every moment of seeing these two form their unique mating bond. I was cheering for Kayla and Hart all the way. Hart is so bad boy, like the king of bad boys. A mercenary, shifter wolf, and blood slave to a corrupt man, who has a soft spot for a naive Kayla who has no clue the world that surrounds her. Hart is so sexy and boy I just wanted to kiss him all over. He needs some good loving and a strong woman and that is Kayla. At first I had a couple of issues with Kayla, she seemed so naive and not able to adjust at first. But when she gets dragged into this world, and her life is put in danger, that is when she starts to show her true colors and I LOVED her as the heroine. She was perfect for the role, and a solid match for Hart. Hart is used to being obeyed and Kayla has her own mind, and stands up to Hart like no one else ever does.

Overall Hearts of Darkness is a thrilling paranormal romance, with a world that is surreal, a plot to keep you at the edge, characters to captivate your senses, and a story to enthrall you heart, body and soul!!! A THRILLING ROMANTIC TALE!! I can hardly wait to see what happens next... ( )
  addictofromance | Mar 19, 2019 |
Character Development. It's very important. You cannot skip this step. So, stop it.

Two stars because the mythology was fun. ( )
  brittanycherlyn | Jun 30, 2017 |
Always the responsible sister, the level headed sister, the one who never took risks and never got in trouble. That's who the heroine is. Then, everything in her safe little world changed. Her sister is dead, taking with her the last family the heroine has. Grieving her loss, the heroine has flown all the way to Seattle to ID the body. There, mourning over the corpse of her once vibrant sister, she meets the hero. Cast out from his people when it become apparent he was moon cursed, a werewolf, a beast and a slave to his animal every full moon. Living on the streets, dying slowly, he accepted the help of the enemy. He was bound as a slave, compelled to kill for his master and he was able to do so without much of a conscious. But he's almost free. Just 2 more jobs and he'll be his own man again. So, when he's ordered to find a necklace the dead woman had in her possession, he goes to the morgue only to encounter the dead woman's sister. Instantly he is baffled by her innocence, confused by the tender feelings he has for her. She defends him, though he's a straighter, stands up for him when they are attacked. The heroine is suddenly thrust into a world of chaos where two shifter factions do battle in the streets. Despite the fact that he warns her not to trust him, that he isn't a good man, she feels attached to her new companion. As hey search for the necklace, she develops a bond with the tortured loner and feels safe with him, trusts him. Then he hands over the necklace to his boss knowing the amulet is the key to the gate of the apocalypse and the hero is tasked with his last mission to bring the heroine to be the brood mare for the Dragon overlord. Despite his attempt to save her, she is captured when he tries to take her and flee. The heroine is torn apart by the betrayal. But the hero fulfilled his task and is now free. He storms the keep and breaks her free even while battling the moon craze that threatens to consume him. Yet is typical fashion with the luck he's been receiving lately, they are captured by his people. Imprisoned and left to be killed or worse by the shifting hero, the heroine stubbornly refuses to allow him to give in. Determined to prove he's a good man, a better man that he gives himself credit for, she helps him through the change by offering him her love and her body. From that moment on, he is bound more tightly to her than he ever was as a slave. The cage he now finds himself in is sweet and comforting and he never wants to leave. But a war lays before them that shows both sides of the trench struggling to contain the gate and end of the world. Amazing book. Exciting, heart pounding, real yet magical and oh so sexy. The book grabs you from the first page and doesn't let you go for a moment. You're taken on a rollercoaster ride through this imaginative new world of old myths and new love. I adored the hero and the heroine and thought they had such chemistry together but it was a well developed romance, nothing rushed and therefore it felt real and believable. The good girl and the bad boy. Classic combo. The heroine was a great character. She was so damn nice and kind and open to the goodness in people despite all the shit she's going through and trying at the same time to wrap her head around the situation she finds herself in. How could the hero resist such a temptation that compels him to be a better man? Poor guy never stood a chance. Great start to the series. I love a romance novel with a bit more depth to it and this well crafted and a joy to read. ( )
  Eden00 | May 14, 2016 |
Fun fast read. Good action and storyline. Good romance. Loved the Captain Planet reference. ( )
  Joybee | Jun 21, 2014 |
I was really, really, pretty irrationally convinced that HEARTS OF DARKNESS would blow my mind. I ended up begging the author for a review copy and then haunting my mailbox while I waited for it to arrive. It had the Dear Author stamp of approval, the Meljean Brooks endorsement, people were comparing it to Karen Marie Moning's Fever series. I was soooooo excited.

Turns out, I didn't really like the book. But having begged the author for a copy, and gotten one - in the mail! at her expense! - I just don't have the heart to exorcise my disappointment in a review. So let's just talk about what the book is, what it isn't, and who's going to like it. Because I bet a lot of people will! It's got many qualities that many other readers will latch onto. Just not me.

So. HEARTS OF DARKNESS is the first in the Deadglass trilogy. It's a paranormal romance (not urban fantasy) with an overarching conflict that will span multiple books but, at least in this first one, ends with an HEA for the heroine and her love interest. It's set in an alternate universe Seattle, where the gate to the Land of the Dead has been cursed and weakened. Ghosts and wraiths have destroyed much of the city's infrastructure while the two biggest factions of supernatural beings - the Kivati (Native American inspired shape changers) vs. the Drekar (Norse-derived dragon-shifters) - have been fighting for control of the city for upwards of a century.

The worldbuilding is pretty great and has tons and tons of potential. The Kivati and the Drekar are culturally distinct and there's potential for something more complex than a "good vs. evil" battle to emerge through the trilogy.

As for the plot and the characters...I think this is where I part ways with the majority of the PNR readers out there. The heroine, Kayla, is a nurse and healer. She wants to think the best of everyone. She shines when she's caregiving, when she's extolling the importance of trust and faith and love, and her acts of heroism are of the self-sacrificing variety - as, for example, in Chapter 2, when she barrels into a duel to the death to body block the losing party and plead for his life.

I'll tell you all a secret: I do not like this type of character. I just don't. But if you do, you will love Kayla.

Now, here's something I didn't understand. It bothered me a lot. Kayla has arrived in Seattle to identify her dead sister's body. The death was attributed to a drug overdose, but Kayla can smell the cover-up a mile away, and she's determined to figure out what really happened (my initial impression was that I was reading the Fever series, if the sisters' deaths had been reversed and smart, together Alina was investigating Mac's death). The sister left a note for Kayla telling her she should give the "key" to "Corbette". While Kayla is examining her sister's body, a bunch of big, aggressive men show up. One of them is Hart, who doesn't explain who sent him. The others, on the other hand, are clear about being Corbette's henchmen. And they really, really don't like Hart.

So Kayla has this dying wish from her sister, which she's determined to carry out...but then she decides the best way to go about it is to enlist Hart's help. Because clearly the guy who's an enemy of Corbette's people will help her deliver the key to Corbette? Hart doesn't flat out say, "By the way, I'm working for Corbette's arch-nemesis, and if I get my hands on this key there's no way in hell I'd deliver it to Corbette, because I'm on the OTHER SIDE," but he shouldn't really have to, should he?

Hart, by the way, is our hero. He's a werewolf and he's enslaved to one of the book's villains, Sven Norgard. The slavery comes with a magical compulsion to obey all of Norgard's orders, so Hart has no choice but to betray Kayla in some pretty serious ways, even though he's falling for her. It's up to Kayla to see through all the horrible things he's forced to do and recognize the good man he could be, to reach out a hand and help him change.

Again, I can see how a lot of people will go bonkers for a redemption story of this kind. And if you're hankering for a book with a werewolf hero who's growly and possessive before his human brain really cues into what's going on, the kind of rough around the edges hardened hero who just wants to protect his woman...Hart is probably right up your alley.

So, hey. There's plenty here for people to like. And I hope the readers who will dig this story find it. But I will briefly cover a couple of issues that turned me off, just to help other people who won't like the book not buy it:

- Kayla's trusting nature also made her unquestioning - as, for example, in her failure to wonder who Hart was loyal to - which puts her in jeopardy repeatedly over the course of the novel. Drove me batty.
- She's handicapped by her ignorance of the supernatural world and while her supernatural powers are potent, they're not offensive. As a result, she's something of a damsel in distress; she needs to be saved and rescued more than once.
- A lot of the villains in this book have "rape" on speed-dial; it's their favorite crime, and all the major female characters in this novel are sexually abused, to various degrees. The abuse is meant to repel and disgust, which it does, but at some point I'd just had my fill of being repelled and disgusted by the villains and their raping.
- On the flipside, Hart and Kayla are overwhelmed by lustful thoughts for one another at the most inappropriate times. I'm sure some people would call their chemistry scorching but, personally, I was gobsmacked when, for example, Kayla and Hart make out in the wake of an emotionally and physically devastating battle.

Alright. That's it. Hopefully I straddled the barbed wire fence between "kind" and "honest". Or at least succeeded in giving credit where credit was due and not being mean. Sigh. ( )
  MlleEhreen | Apr 3, 2013 |
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When her search for her sister's killer leads her to lethally-sexy werewolf mercenary Hart, nurse Kayla Friday, holding the key to the Gate of the Land of the Dead, cannot not control her attraction to this creature who will stop at nothing to free what's left of his soul.

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