South Bank Book Market

South Bank (beneath Waterloo Bridge)
London, SE1 8XT

United Kingdom


Bookstorebrugte bøger
South Bank Book Market is open daily from about midday until around 7pm and can be found under Waterloo Bridge in front of British Film Institute, South Bank. There are about four or five regular stalls each with hundreds of second hand books on offer. Prices are reasonable rather than bargain-basement. There are also prints and old maps for sale. Not always open if the weather is poor.

The market is in the open air, sheltered by the arch of the bridge above. Some might quibble that it isn't a bookstore, lacking walls and a door but it deserves listing as one rather than as an 'Other Place'.

The post-code given here is that of the British Film Institute, the nearest building to the market. Presumably the individual dealers here have mobile phones, email, etc., but there is no available contact (post, phone or email) for the market as a whole.
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