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208 Haralson Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30307

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"The smartest bookstore in town" --Creative Loafing

What makes Atlanta's A Cappella Books the smartest bookstore in town?

Probably the same things that make you smart. Like you, we love books. We love books so much, that rather than be demoralized by the revolution that has hit our industry and our culture in the last couple of decades, we have become more impassioned than ever about what we sell. As Patti Smith (whom we are proud to claim as a customer) said in accepting her recent National Book Award, "there is nothing in our material world more beautiful than the book."

A lot of independent book stores have closed down in recent years. A lot of used and out-of-print stores have either closed or become internet-only sellers. A Cappella has soldiered on as an independent, knowing there is no way we can compete in price and inventory with Amazon and the big box stores. We have continued buying and selling used and out-of-print books in a storefront in a real neighborhood even though, again, we know that anybody with a computer can buy or sell almost any book they want themselves. And, happily, we have lived to tell the story, celebrating our 21st anniversary on December 1, 2010.

Every day, we stock our shelves with what we think are the most important and interesting current releases and contemporary bestsellers (and we discount most hardcovers 20% off the publisher's price). On display, you'll also find beautiful new books in all fields of interest that reflect the colorful, graphic and tactile appeal that only physical books can embody. We also select books that celebrate the sense of fun and delight that books have always represented to us.

And, we continue to stock common as well as uncommon used books and price them at half of their new price and often less, and we handle genuinely hard-to-find, collectible and antiquarian books, as well as new limited editions and – by virtue of the hundreds of author appearances we sponsor around town every year – an incomparable selection of signed first editions.

We are confident that if you love books like we love books, you'll enjoy what you'll find on our shelves. And if you're looking for something that you don't find on our shelves, we can almost always, if it is in print, have it for you in a few days, or, if it's out of print, direct you to the best place to pick up a copy.

Next time you're in the Little Five Points area for a day of people-watching, shopping, eating and drinking or taking in a play, concert or a visit to any of the nearby cultural or historical sites, please stop in to browse. If you love books, you'll be glad you did.
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