McKay Used Books and CDs

230 Papermill Place Way
Knoxville, TN 37919-4867

United States


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This is *the* used bookstore in Knoxville. Rather than a stogy place filled with dusty tomes that rarely get bought, McKays tries to keep a high turnover going. When was the last time you saw a crowd at a used bookstore? This location off of Papermill drive (easy to get to off of interstate 40) is their third location that I know of, each time at least doubling the space. They also carry a good selection of used CD's and Videos in the various formats.

By the way - their location is not showing up on Librarything's mapping engine correctly. Check out the map on their website above if you need to find them.

If you have GPS, these coordinates will put you in McKay's parking lot:

Latitude: N35-56-07.0
Longitude: W84-00-41.8
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This is the perfect place when you want to get away from it all and get lost in books. My favorite place to go.
december 2012 af Spirit_Filled
This is the bookstore that made me a book collector and ruined me for small town used bookstores. Everytime I get within spitting distance of Kville I find a way to go to McKays.
oktober 2008 af VictoriaPL