Scarlett Thomas (wanted)

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Scarlett Thomas (wanted)

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jun 18, 2010, 1:31pm

Is it possible to get her? I just had her latest book, Our Tragic Universe, from the ER programme and have read The End of Mr Y and Popco too.

My questions for her:

1. The climax of The End of Mr Y could be seen as controversial, have you received any criticism for it and, if so, how have you responded to it?

2. I feel I may have missed the significance of the name Ariel Manto. Have I? It's such a striking name and in the text she hints at having chosen it for herself rather than it being a given name. What made you chose it for her?

3. Ariel, Alice and Meg are all quite strong characters. Are they based on people you know and which one of them is your favourite?

4. Philip Pullman is quoted on the cover of The End of Mr Y with a very favourable review. Would you return the compliment to his books?

jul 31, 2010, 10:12am

Oh, yes! I'd like to ask about the extent to which her books are autobiographical, particularly The End of Mr Y and Our Tragic Universe.