Help: Using CueCat to remove inventory?

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Help: Using CueCat to remove inventory?

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jan 10, 2010, 11:47pm

Hi all. Sorry if this has already been posted.

I use LibraryThing for my bookstore. I bought the cuecat to add books, however I am wondering if I can use cuecat or invest in another scanner to remove my inventory when an item is sold?

Please help, thanks.

Oh, and if it matters and I am using a MAC notebook.

jan 12, 2010, 2:27am

You can find a book, either in your catalog or from the Search page, by entering the ISBN. So yes, the CueCat can be used for that. The only thing is, on the Add Books page if you get the last five digits (the smaller bar code on the right, which is the price) it's discarded; in either of the Search spots, you'll have to scan carefully to avoid it or delete it if it appears.

Oh. Just occurred to me - as far as I know it won't work with an unmodified CueCat. LT has translators that pick up from the Add Books page but I don't believe they look at the Search fields. So you'd have to declaw your Cat to make it work. I find my modified Cat much easier to use (faster, more likely to scan first time) than when it was outputting the scramble, and the declawing was pretty simple - I generally advise people to declaw anyway, it solves a lot of problems.