A Perfect Mess Part 2 - Reading Wednesday Week 9

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A Perfect Mess Part 2 - Reading Wednesday Week 9

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okt 28, 2009, 7:38 am

Messies of the world unite! We're mid-way through the discussion of how mess makes the world a better place. Where do you stand on this subject?

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS -- A PERFECT MESS Ch. 5, 6, and 10 (Ch. 7-9 are optional)

1) Terrorist, phony, pervert, savant, prig, distractor, bigot and "mess"-iah are all labels that the authors use in Chapter 5 to describe types of neat and messy people. What effect did these words have on you as you read them? Did the words help the authors' purpose of promoting more mess or harm it? How?

2) "Actually, messy homes can provide a far more inviting and nuturing environment than highly ordered ones. For one thing, cluttered homes tell us more about the personalities of its occupants than do homes stripped to their carefully arranged essentials." (A Perfect Mess Ch. 6, p. 132) Are messy homes more inviting and nurturing than more orderly ones? Do people with more mess reveal more of their personality with their stuff? If so, how?

3) The authors discuss the concept of optimizing mess saying "...people and organizations are at their best when they've achieved an interesting mix of messiness and order. In this sense, mess and disorder can be variables to be played around with placing you on a frontier for experiment, rather than on a treadmill for rotely increasing neatness and organization." (Ch. 10, p.230) Have you experimented with mess and disorder in your own life? How did it work for you?

A Perfect Mess Ch. 11 - end

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