Reading Wednesday -- Week 8 -- A Perfect Mess

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Reading Wednesday -- Week 8 -- A Perfect Mess

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okt 21, 2009, 7:43 am

Today begins the day we advocate for messiness, disorder, and randomness to improve our lives. Are you ready?

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS --A PERFECT MESS (Abrahamson and Freedman) Ch 1-4

1) What are some costs (in time, resources, or products) that you have spent in getting organized in the past? What helped the most? What helped the least?

2) "Messiness can confer six key benefits: flexibility, completeness, resonance, invention, efficiency, and robustness." (A Perfect Mess Ch. 4, p. 78) As a professional organizer I submit that organization and neatness could provide exactly the same benefits. Can both statements be true? Why or why not?

3) Why did a book that advocates for mess and disorder need to define and delineate over ten types of mess? Why did it use chapters, punctuation, paragraphs, margins, page numbers, and standard English language? Why not have random words and stream-of-consciousness phrases in a variety of fonts, styles, and positions on unnumbered pages?

A Perfect Mess Ch. 5, 6 and 10
(Note: Ch. 7, 8, 9 are OPTIONAL. They discuss business and politics. Our focus is on home for this group)

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Happy Reading!