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Paulo Coelho

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okt 20, 2009, 9:07pm

Q: Have you read any of Paulo Coelho's books and what did you think of it?

I have been meaning to pick up a book of his but haven't been able to settle on which one to start with. I've read through Life: Selected Quotations which was inspiring and thought provoking.

okt 20, 2009, 9:56pm

I have read three of his books. I read the Alchemist first and loved it. I also read The Devil and Miss Prym and loved it. I had a difficult time with The Zahir. Something about that book just didn't click with me. His books are a fast read and they are perfect books that make you think. The Alchemist hooked me to read more.

okt 21, 2009, 7:56am

Hi, I graduated in philosophy, so i'm used to read books concern moral advices or in general moral situations.
I read Alchemist and, according to me, this book represents nothing in particular if you want consider it as a "teaching-book".
Its style is a little bit solemn in some parts but this doesn't mean that the story do transmit powerful reflections on life, meaning of life and so on.
What is the messagge it try to leave to us? Peraphs that life is a travel? Peraphs that we should be optimistic? Too obvious and, above all many books had been written before it more and more performed about these topics.
Do you agree with me?

okt 25, 2009, 4:18am

Alchemist did it for me as well. The others, not so much. It's an easy read but I like the message on the journey.

jan 29, 2010, 1:47am

I have read almost all of his books, except for Brida and The Witch of Portobello and I must say - I loved all of them! I started out with The Alchemist after the recommendation of my friend and within a few months I was done with all of his books. I absolutely loved Zahir, Eleven Minutes, Fifth Mountain and The Devil and Miss Prym, I know someone in this thread said that they had a difficult time with Zahir, but trust me, its a magical book, describing all of the elements of modern relationships which cause everyone so much trouble (the reasons we have such high divorce rates in the world, the lack of complete respect for one another, the fact that we often forget what we have until its gone). I think you will love this book, just give it a shot. Although I do love The Alchemist in its own way, I do feel like what Ousia said is true about it though - it is pretty obvious and there are a lot of books pointing out the same message, but I also feel like that reminder is needed to be given, and I do feel glad I've read the Alchemist. Some of my favorite quotes come from that book.

mar 13, 2010, 7:57am

I've read The Alchemist and Eleven Minutes. The Alchemist was a scorcher for me and I love his style and tremendous eloquence. Eleven Minutes was interesting. It was great as well, but I'm not sure I liked the ending.