Emotions Revealed

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Emotions Revealed

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feb 7, 2007, 11:44 am

{Emotions Revealed:
Recognizing Faces and Feelings to Improve Communication and Emotional Life} by Paul Ekman. "What is he really feeling?," you ponder as you search his face. If you knew, you might get along better. For recognizing true emotions -- yours and others' -- read this book. From the preeminent expert on reading faces and on deception comes his most complete book yet.

I have a friend who looks judgmental when he's in contemplation and a client who appears angry when she's tired. With this book you can become more adept at reading others' emotional signals. Also learn to alter your own feelings through recognizing them sooner. Book includes photos and exercises, such as how to recognize a genuine smile. Ekman's clients range from the FBI to Pixar animation studios.

"There hasn't been a book on this subject of such range and insight since Darwin's famous Expression of the Emotions" is how Oliver Sacks describes this book that culls from 40 years of research.

Everyone from lawyers to teachers and salesfolks can use Ekman's insights to better understand human behavior.

As you learn to recognize emotions -- yours and others -- you can also learn to sidestep conflict and bring out the best in others by reading {LikeABILITY} (I wrote) that you can see at sayitbetter.com or {Make Yourself Memorable}