The Dance of Connection

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The Dance of Connection

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feb 7, 2007, 11:40 am

{The Dance of Connection} by Harriet Learner is an affirming, helpful book, especially for women, for strengthening your most cherished relationships.

While we share many of our most joyful moments with our family members and dearest friends, our deepest struggles often arise out of those same relationships. When women feel a conflicting tug of emotions in attempting to share concerns, seek support, or stand up for oneself, psychologist Lerner suggests responses to demonstrate one's authentic self.

Redigeret: sep 9, 2008, 11:53 am

I have really enjoyed Harriet Lerner 's books, especially The Dance of Connection, The Dance of Intimacy, and The Dance of Anger. I learned a lot about unhealthy relationships in The Dance of Intimacy, especially the idea of enmeshment, and how to start simple, new behaviors to break the old patterns. We're adults now, we are free to do things in a new way! The only thing holding us back is years' worths of chains on our brain. Easier said than done, but Lerner lends much enthusiasm and courage to the process.