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CueCat to ISBN-13 at Add books page

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sep 17, 2009, 6:49pm

Hi everybody,
is there any way to switch the automatic conversion from CueCat "gibberish" to ISBN on the Add books page to produce an ISBN-13 output?

In default settings it converts it into ISBN-10, even when the book has ISBN-13 code assigned and printed above the bar code. It is not problem with some information sources as Amazon - they return correct results regardless of the ISBN format. Unfortunately, others, as our national library, require the ISBN in the search input to be in the same format as it is printed on the book, it means for new books with barcodes ISBN-13.

Is there any swith/preference? or little hack?

sep 18, 2009, 4:47am

Not really. The easy hack is to declaw the Cat so it's not producing the gibberish but the actual numbers instead - then you'll get whatever the barcode encodes. (note that if the ISBN is printed above the barcode it may or may not be what's encoded - it's the numbers directly below the barcode that are encoded).

Actually, you surprise me - the gibberish is just encoded numbers, so if the barcode is encoding the ISBN-13, that's what should be being searched/displayed. But since all my CueCats have been declawed long ago, I've got no way of checking what the actual behavior is.

sep 21, 2009, 5:04pm

Thanks. I worried that the answer would be such. I prefer software manipulations to hardware ones...
And I swore :-) that when "no results found" is displayed, the search string displayed is ISBN-10. Probably this function was implemented in time when barcode (encoding ISBN-13) was new and there were ISBN-10 still printed above the barcode and inside and thus cataloged. I have some such books, but it seems to me that now all new books use ISBN-13.