Reading Wednesday -- Week 3 -- Fall 2009

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Reading Wednesday -- Week 3 -- Fall 2009

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sep 16, 2009, 7:03 am


1) What effects did the way the Starkadders lived have on their relationships with others on the farm? What about interactions with others outside the farm? Were Flora's different? If so, in what ways?

2) At one point Flora says to Elfine, "I tell you of these things in order that you may have some standards, within yourself, with which secretly to compare the many new facts and people you will meet if you enter a new life." (Ch. 12, p.136) What does this suggest about Elfine's current standards? Flora's?

3) Do you believe that Aunt Ada Doom's life was neat, tidy, perhaps even enjoyable prior to Flora's arrival? Why or why not?

4) JUST FOR FUN: The author uses the farm animals and names of characters to further enhance her parody. For instance, Graceless (who is prone to losing a random limb), Feckless, Aimless, Pointless, and Big Business are all outward symbols of human characters in the story. Judith is represented by porridge. Mrs. Hawk-Monitor, Mrs. Beetle, Mr. Mybug, the Quivering Brethren all describe the characters' actions and personalities. If you were included in this story, what would your name or outward symbol be?

Cold Comfort Farm -- Ch. 15 - end

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sep 16, 2009, 8:27 am

1. The family didn't talk to each other--unless they were yelling and screaming at each other. Meals were eaten in silence. They were pretty isolated. Flora, on the other hand, seemed to have contact with a variety of people.

2. I think everybody has standards even Elfine--they were just different than Flora's at the time. Personally, I thought Flora was pretty condescending and arrogant in the way she went about trying to change everybody.

3. I think for the most part Aunt Ada enjoyed her life even though she was couped up in her room by herself most of the time. She had power and control and was surrounded by her family -- even if they were afraid of her.

4. If I were part of the story, my name would probably be something like Mrs. Pillar -- because I always seem to be providing structure for something in my life. I think Flora Poste's Poste name was more like a stake in the ground that marked off where she stood versus providing support to others. I thought the part when the cow leg fell off was interesting because of the lack of reaction by Adam and the outrage by Reuben. He just went on like being out of balance wth a three-legged cow was normal! Egads!