Reading Wednesday - How You Can Participate

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Reading Wednesday - How You Can Participate

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aug 11, 2009, 3:13 pm

Reading Wednesday by Orderly Oasis is fast approaching. Are you ready?


Reading Wednesday by Orderly Oasis is a free informal online book discussion group dedicated to discussing aspects of order and chaos in homes and lives through the eyes of various authors and stories.

Four books will be featured during each 13-week series and may include fiction, non-fiction, biographies, and how-to books. The four chosen books will attempt to provide well-rounded insight and viewpoints surrounding a main thought-provoking question.

The Weekly Suggested Reading Guide and Discussion Questions will be provided each Wednesday by 8am on the Orderly Oasis blog and Discussion will take place online on the blog and on You may choose to have *email reminders sent each Wednesday to your inbox. (See below)


1) Let us know that you're interested.

You can:

•Write "I'm interested" in the blog comments below.

•Join the Get Organized group at

•Send an *email to with "Join Reading Wednesday" in the subject line.

*Note: You will receive the Weekly Suggested Reading Guide and Discussion Questions via email each Wednesday by 8am. The book discussion takes place on the Orderly Oasis Blog and on Library Thing, not via email. Your email information will be used only for sending the Weekly Suggested Reading Guide and Discussion Questions reminders unless you request otherwise.

2) Obtain a copy of each of the selected books. (See other Topic)

•Beg, borrow, (stealing not recommended), trade, swap, download, listen to, or buy the books.

•Some of the selected books may be found on DVD or video and that's okay too. This is an informal group. There is no grading or tests. As far as I'm concerned you can even read the Cliff's Notes or Sparks Notes if that's all you have time or inclination for but still want to participate. Just beware that movies typically differ somewhat from books.

3) Check out the Orderly Oasis blog, LibraryThing, or your email inbox every Wednesday after 8am for The Weekly Suggested Reading Guide and Discussion Questions. (Fall 2009 series begins September 2, 2009)

4) Tell us what you think regularly.**

•Leave a comment or answer to the Discussion Questions on the blog or Library Thing.

•Read others' comments and make comments.

•Repeat as desired.


1.Seek first to understand.

2.Use evidence to support your position.

3.Be excellent to each other and to yourself.

Questions, comments or concerns can be left below or emailed to

Happy Reading!


sep 16, 2009, 11:43 pm

I am interested....what a good idea.
Do you need my librarything address? It is justmeRosalie .
I am not overly clever with computer prowess, so I am hoping not to look too clumsy. But I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you for thinking of me.
Your friend,

sep 17, 2009, 5:21 pm

Welcome justmeRosalie,

I'm relatively new to LibraryThing and I'm not sure how to communicate with you besides this group message board. Any advice?

For Reading Wednesday, all you need to do is post your responses here (or on my blog at

Looking forward to hearing from you.