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Bliv bruger af LibraryThing, hvis du vil skrive et indlæg


Dette emne er markeret som "i hvile"—det seneste indlæg er mere end 90 dage gammel. Du kan vække emnet til live ved at poste et indlæg.

Redigeret: aug 9, 2009, 3:03 pm

So you're interested in books about organizing, too? Way Cool! I can't seem to get enough of them lately.

This group was started because my husband and kids are not quite as enthusiastic about or fascinated with clutter, chaos and organization (or even reading!) as I am. So instead of talking to myself (again - LOL!) I thought I'd see if there was anybody else out who would be interested, too.

I look forward to "meeting" you.


sep 13, 2009, 12:50 am

Hi Trish,
This sounds like a good idea to me and I would like to meet you. It would be interesting to discuss things and exchange ideas.
How does this work? Forgive me for not knowing anything about threads and other computer secrets. Will you contact me and explain what to do next?
I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you for the invite.

sep 13, 2009, 8:17 pm

Hi justmeRosalie.

Basically this group is to discuss organizing related books and ideas. Feel free to comment, ask questions, tell us what you're reading etc. If you're interested, you can join us for Reading Wednesday where we discuss 4 books over 13 weeks. New questions about the books are posted every Wednesday (hence, the name) but you can answer or comment or join in at anytime.

More information is found on other threads (threads basically are just questions that are posted and other people comment on and add to the answers)

I look forward to hearing from you on this site (or you can send me a direct email at pmkrebs@orderlyoasis.com