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aug 1, 2009, 5:37 am

” I have discovered that most people have no one to talk to, no one, that is, who really wants to listen”

~ Walker Percy “The Movie-Goer”

In our society loneliness is a huge taboo. Loneliness is one of our fundamental emotions and daily human experiences, but it is something that we don’t like to talk much about. Even people with many friends and good social contacts can find themselves feeling isolated and resonating with Walker Percy, that, even when we are surrounded by people in our lives we can feel that nobody is really listening to us. In my work with street kids in Bolivia this truth really became apparent. These young people would form small communities on the streets in order to survive. They ate together, slept together under plastic sheets at night to stay warm, they stole together in the market places, the shared cramped and dirty jail cells (girls & boys together) when the police rounded them up, the played soccer, got high, fought together, struggled together, laughed, cried, had children, got sick together, etc…. Yet the many that I had the priveledge to get to know would sometimes open up about their deep loneliness and isolation. Eventhough they lived in close circles with each other they were alone.

No matter what our station or situation in life it seems that we can’t escape loneliness. I guess we’re able to distract ourselves from it for awhile by keeping busy or buying stuff but it will never leave us alone. I think this is where Faith comes into to play and offers us hope by connecting to God; entering upon a journey where we can begin to shed our loneliness. God like the father in the story of the “Lost Son” in the New Testament…is waiting, looking out for us, hoping that we will find our way home to Him one day.

nov 15, 2009, 6:17 pm

I was alone much of my early life.
Then I became very busy with research, health education,
environmental products and services.
But again I seek to be in quiet places, with nature, with books,
with a few quiet people of like mind.

I am helped by everything Zeera (Zee) Charnoe has ever written or spoken.
His source of inspiration offers purpose and hope for the soul.
I have had the pleasure of being
his student, partner and assistant for 21+ years.
Zee has taught and studied gnosis, gnostic writings, Huna, Zen, Zen meditation, Tibetan Buddhism, hypnosis,
and a wide range of subjects and disciplines.
He was a physics professor of optics and acoustics, in Denmark.
He has been the CEO of numerous organizations dedicated
to environmental products and services (Life Essential Systems).

There are tens of thousands of pages
of short writings and short books at his website:

There are four actual books there,
with numerous more writings and books in process:

1. What Life Is and What Life Is For

2. Anaclysm

3. The Soul of a Poet-Philosopher
(poetry and short stories)

4. Language, Literacy and Intelligence:
Made For Each Other ! ? (1986 thesis) (draft)

There are also hundreds of audio recordings
of lectures, meditations and hypnosis scripts,
that are available on DVD's,
and are played (and archived) at a webcast:
ANACLYSM radio program

We live a very quiet, secluded life,
surrounded by plants and books.
Alone but not lonely.
We got out three days a week to Zee's kidney dialysis clinic.
We very much like to exchange
with others of like mind,
those who may be lonely
who seek to connect to a greater scheme.

Thank you kindly for your attention.

Jennifer (ecohealth2003)

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