How do you tag your books as posted?

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How do you tag your books as posted?

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dec 27, 2006, 6:09pm

If your like me, I have lots of books, everywhere. I do my best to keep them in one place, but that doesn't always work out, with the kids pulling them out to look at.

How do you keep track of the ones that your put into Library Thing? Do you put something on the spine? Write something in the cover?

Just curious!

dec 27, 2006, 11:17pm

I put a pencil initial on the inside cover, LT for Librarything and then a second initial for the location of the book like SR for school room. I have books all over the house on shelves and in boxes so if the location is pencilled in then I can easily see which room or box I assigned it to or even if it is in the catalog yet :-). Then I tag the book in LT according to location so I can find it from the catalog.
I do use labels from Office Depot on the spines of some of my books. I have a large collection of childrens easy readers and each of those gets a gold circle covered with tape on the spine. I use pink for picture books I have entered into the catalog and I have plans to have some sort of color sticker on most of the books. It will be easier for my kids to reshelve books (I hope)
That's my system so far.

dec 30, 2006, 12:10am

Good idea tarpfarmer. That's what I'm thinking of doing. I have alot of books. I'm hoping to weed thru some of the board books, etc this week. I have huge project lists!!

Thanks and happy New Year!

jan 21, 2007, 8:58am

I input ALL of our books into LibraryThing and although I need to improve the system, I don't write on our books anything. I have them organized on our shelves by time period and subject. I'm going to start using the Dewey decimal system very soon. I need time in order to do this properly.

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